• Using only a human potential character, no superpowers or anything, Create the most formidable thing possible. You can use peak abilities, mental strength and willpower, natural magic accessed by those without a gene or innate power to source from and any skills. I'm looking for ideas for a character I'm writing about. He's a Vampire/Werewolf/Witch/Monster/Demon Hunter.

    Think Batman but without a costume and with your own added flair. Thow in some artifacts useable by humans too, if you like

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    • How about a martial artist with magic clothes. Or a crazy tech guy.

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    • Supeernatural hunter physiology.

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    • So You are or were asking pretty much for a cross between Blade, (as I know him from the Movies). Batman (at his prime), and Constantine (I think thats his name in DC Comics anyway) I right?

      Well Idk if this will help but I need to ask you a few questions.. 1) Is your world one where Humans age as they do now (w/Max life expectancy of 80-120yrs) or can ur hunter be something akin to a 'Prime Human' where he/she due to either 'secret knowledge' (passed down thru family or specialty organization) or by some other natural means of unlocking human potential is able to age slower?

      • Because if so then you'd be able get away with having a 'Hunter' who is in fact Human/Mortal but is by way of training & experience over several Decades (if not centuries) is able to have a greater capacity in which to work from and so he'd be able to attain a different peak then we could.

      And given the principle that "w/ resistance build strength" and that his adversary is both elusive, cunning, and immortal if not merely enhanced.. That level 'resistance' would allow him/her to exceed our normal human levels several times over.. especially if he's allowed some form of Natural Enhancement - eg Slower Aging, Shoalin-esque Discipline & training, etc. You'd have a Warrior or Hunter like no other who thru reason of use has become who they are.. because its literally there lifes work/mission.

      These are Just my thoughts & suggestions.

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