• Using only a human potential character, no superpowers or anything, Create the most formidable thing possible. You can use peak abilities, mental strength and willpower, natural magic accessed by those without a gene or innate power to source from and any skills. I'm looking for ideas for a character I'm writing about. He's a Vampire/Werewolf/Witch/Monster/Demon Hunter.

    Think Batman but without a costume and with your own added flair. Thow in some artifacts useable by humans too, if you like

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    • How about a martial artist with magic clothes. Or a crazy tech guy.

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    • Supeernatural hunter physiology.

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    • So You are or were asking pretty much for a cross between Blade, (as I know him from the Movies). Batman (at his prime), and Constantine (I think thats his name in DC Comics anyway) I right?

      Well Idk if this will help but I need to ask you a few questions.. 1) Is your world one where Humans age as they do now (w/Max life expectancy of 80-120yrs) or can ur hunter be something akin to a 'Prime Human' where he/she due to either 'secret knowledge' (passed down thru family or specialty organization) or by some other natural means of unlocking human potential is able to age slower?

      • Because if so then you'd be able get away with having a 'Hunter' who is in fact Human/Mortal but is by way of training & experience over several Decades (if not centuries) is able to have a greater capacity in which to work from and so he'd be able to attain a different peak then we could.

      And given the principle that "w/ resistance build strength" and that his adversary is both elusive, cunning, and immortal if not merely enhanced.. That level 'resistance' would allow him/her to exceed our normal human levels several times over.. especially if he's allowed some form of Natural Enhancement - eg Slower Aging, Shoalin-esque Discipline & training, etc. You'd have a Warrior or Hunter like no other who thru reason of use has become who they are.. because its literally there lifes work/mission.

      These are Just my thoughts & suggestions.

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    • Now this ain't a power, but I suggest giving him a really, really dense form or myostatin related muscle hypertrophy, along with like a rewired nervous system and bones of steel. In case you're wondering, myostatin related muscles hypertrophy is a genetic condition in which the gene required for limiting muscle growth either doesn't work or is just weaker in doing so. Give him the same condition, except his muscles will get denser as well as larger,  which makes him look like a human with the capability to lift houses or something. The nervous system should be wired for speed, reflexes and fast calculations, while the bones shouldn't be made of steel but a titanium-vanadium alloy or something which is light, durable, inert and strong. This is how to create a potent human. Also, heighten his sense by a huge bunch and reduce his sense of pain. You may also give him really good aiming skills, sword fighting and other kinds of combat along with it. 

      Don't judge me these are just my ways of making a potent.

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    • Give him a metric ton of money.

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    • A FANDOM user
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