• Welcome to Deviations, a world where you can be anything you want. New technology called DEVIANT makes life a lot easier. With DEVIANT, you can sense seismic vibrations thousands of miles away with an implant in your finger, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Teleportation, electrogenesis, photosynthesis, all are possible in humans thanks to DEVIANT.

    There's one caviat. The technology is pricey, meaning it's only available to tycoons, royalty, and top tier thieves.

    Tha's where the roleplay comes in. Decide whether you are a tycoon or a thief. Tycoons will be hunting down thieves and vice versa, each trying to seize their DEVIANT technology. Character template below.


    Thief or Tycoon:




    Special Skills/Abilities:

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    • Bob Alderson


      Power :projecting holograms and laser blasts

      Personality asshole and business guy

      Special skills karate and business

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    • A FANDOM user
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