• Hey Loxlie. So, first thing's first: What exactly IS this power? What makes it different from Self-Particle Manipulation?

    Secondly - I know for darn sure that not all of those users you're adding have this specific power. There's way too much variability in that KU list for all of them to have this power. You can't just say that everyone who has a power that shares a word with the power you made is a KU - you have to have a clear definition for your power, not what is essentially science-babble.

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    • What differentiates it from it's physiological variant is the differing usage of it's abilities. It's less of a mimicry power and more harnessing internal particle energy for externalized use. Taking energy from your subatomic self and slicing it with the particle phenomena in ones surroundings to achieve wider ranges of effects. I didn't simply add them and say they fit, I was originally gonna just but The Atom and Ant/Wasp types since their tech based abilities coincide with interacting their particle mass with external and remote materia sources. But As I read deeper into the basis of this power, I soon realized there were many with such a talent. Take the Sentry for instance; it isn't just the ss formula that gave him his abilities. They come down to as much force of will conveying how and in what way his biological particle mesh takes shape and/or form as well as what kind of powers he can possess due to his vastly amplified consciousness. Apocalypse has similar straight because he can use his uncanny morphology in order to ascertain information from the microscopic information carriers in his vicinity, no way simply having control over every atom in your body can convey that. 

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    • " Taking energy from your subatomic self and slicing it with the particle phenomena in ones surroundings to achieve wider ranges of effects. " That sentence is gibberish to me. Like, in plain English, break this sentence down. What does that mean?

      Like you're explaining it to a grandmother.

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    • Ever hear of Krisper? Genetic edititing where you take select DNA samples of various species and then integrate them in a pure DNA/RNA stalk; imparting those select physiological traits onto the effected host? Bio-Iota is like that.

      Except in reverse and widely broadened, where instead you impart your particle bits into the molecular reality of the world around you then reassimilate it back into yourself later.

      Not only does this make you stronger but your core sentience lingers within whatever you spliced your minutia into and spreads onward and outward from there.

      While it is apart of you, you essentially become apart of it. And if your will and emotions are strong enough, you can keep a privatized cache of material building blocks that's accessible any given time or place in reserve for yourself.

      Whats more, you can even make said incorperation sources act on your behalf like a separate extension of ones being by doing so. The more you give & take, the more the two abstracts become one and the same.

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    • So, I am familiar with that process, which is called CRISPR (not Krisper). That's a system that uses designed RNA to guide Cas9 to a section of DNA to edit it. What you're describing as "the opposite of that" doesn't make a lot of sense. Especially because this sounds VERY specific, and there's a lot of characters in there that I know enough about to know that this isn't how they work.

      I think the best thing for this page is to get moved to your user blog.

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