• They are both capable of generating garbage, as they are users of Gunk Shot.

    You are in fact removing valid users. Since you will not stop despite being told your wrong I will have to report you to the staff.

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    • They actually are not capable of generating garbage, there is no such entry made in any pokedex game, television or manga, they are garbage brought to life capable of absorbing garbage, it is you who is wrong good sir

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    • Ability to shoot garbage =/= Ability to generate garbage.

      The are not users based on this point. StAlm009 is free to remove them as users.

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    • Anime entry for Gunk Shot from Bulbapedia-

      "Garbodor puts its hands together, and a silver light starts sparkling between them. The light then turns into a black bag of garbage outlined in purple, which Garbodor hurls at the opponent."

      Stop removing them.

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    • "or Garbodor fires multiple globs of sludge surrounded in a gold aura from its mouth at the opponent."

      Your point being? Garbador is made from and consumes garbage. It just uses its stores for the attack. Also, every version of the attack in the games shows the "garbage" (purple gunk) coming from the attacker's body, mouth, whatever, directly. One strange visual representation of the attack in the anime, known for its inconsistency, doesn't make it a user.

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    • A FANDOM user
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