• The Arguement that Absolutes are equivalent to Meta Powers is entirely wrong , Meta means beyond which would put it "beyond or ~ (that's estimation sign) greater than something else that is equivalent to it" I'm only using physics here for a logical argument. So saying Meta physics is ~ greater than physics is correct. But if someone where to control Physics at an Absolute level it would be a whole value or the entirety of something i.e. an Absolute Constant. There's is nothing that is roughly as equivalent to something else that can overcome the greater Object (Subject at hand). So Meta Physics being .9999999.... of the whole physics could never be equal to an Absolute Physics Manipulation or 1 being the entirety. In summary .999999 is never greater or equal to 1. 1 or Absolute will always be greater by infinite infinities, the same arguement can be made for why Nigh omnipotence can never overcome Omnipotence.

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