• Hello DYBAD! You’re probably wondering why am asking you to create a power but I would actually like to talk to you about it.

    The reason why I decided to speak to you pacifically is because you’re the creator of many great powers on this wiki and you support the idea of transcending all limitations equals nonexistence due to transcending self-meaning.

    I would like to try my hand at creating Omni-Transcendence. If I may quote you from the meta-transcendence page,

    “The thing is that "limits" aren't just about powers and capabilities, but also about personality and identity, which are also definied by limits/boundaries separating what you "are" from what you "aren't "Not having any "limit" means that you also no longer have any identity, which means there is no "you" to "want" or anything anymore, no sense of self to experience desires or make decisions, only a formless and purposeless cosmic awareness, all-encompassing and all-indifferent.”

    Well I think Omni-Transcendence should be based on that. However users don’t ascend to this level. Omni Transcendence should be some sort of variation to omnipotence. Maybe “The State of Omnipotence” or “The Purest form of Omnipotence”. Users of this power should be characters like The Overvoid (DC Comics), Para Brahman (Hinduism), The Monad (Gnosticism), and The Creator (Umineko no Naku Koro ni). These users are less than beings and more of abstract forces or concepts that lack all limitations.

    Would you agree that it could be created now? And if you do are there any ideas he would like to add?

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    • Omni-Transcendence was already created once before. 

      It was deleted by the staff because there was no difference between it and Meta Transcendence.

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    • I would think the ability to control your transcendence or personal boundaries can be differentiated from actually transcending absolutely everything.

      And yes, I already knew that it was deleted a while ago.

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    • I was the one that originally created the page after all. So i know that it won't be remade.

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    • Then you understand why it can't be remade.

      I stated the exact same thing you just said. Word for word in fact.

      Guess what? it doesn't matter. Its the exact same power either way.

      The staff said that Meta Transcendence already covers it, and all of them agreed. Including DYBAD, the previous bureaucrats, the current bureaucrats and the current staff members.

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    • Wow really?

      In that case never mind then. Since you said it wasn’t any different from meta-transcendence I assumed that the capabilities of Omni transcendence was too similar to it, which led to its deletion.

      You don’t have to reply to this after all DYBAD.

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    • So transcending everything except the sense of self that allows you to continue existing as an individual entity ?

      It's true Meta Transcendence does cover the overall idea, since it allows you to transcend any limit at will in any way you want, both forth and back, upward and downward, sideways and everything, meaning all these limits mean nothing to you, so you basically transcend them 24/7 already (freely choosing exactly what you are and where you stand at any moment).

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    • The idea and power were originally created by me a couple years back. But it was deleted by the staff and they agreed with the deletion.

      Since without limits there is no type of existence or identity of any kind. Only emptiness and annihilation.

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    • Essentially yes, the concept was literally self-annihilating by nature. Like ascension to the ultimate "Creator" level in Umineko.

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    • A FANDOM user
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