• Stop making stuff up that isn't true.

    Schrondinger has never been a were-creature. He was created in a lab, he was never a werecreature..

    The only lycanthrope in the Hellsing series is the Captain.

    Stop changing confirmed facts.

    its apparent that you haven't watched these series at all, because nothing you say is true.

    Alucard didn't absorb Schrodinger, Schrodinger let himself be taken in by Alucard in order to end his existence.

    At this point I can honestly say you just want to make stuff up so pages can have users that they never actually had.

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    • Schrodinger was created by the Doctor.

      He isn't a werecreature and he never was.

      The only thing that happened when Alucard absorbed the blood of the city and schrodingers remains was a state of nonexistence.

      Schrodinger only became a familiar of Alucard (the same deal goes for all people he has consumed the blood of over the years), he didn't make him a were beast.

      Your twisting confirmed facts to suit your opinion to post false information, which is a violation of the wikia rules.

      Please stop making up nonsense.

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    • Here is proof that your lying-

      "He was created by The Doctor and while usually found sitting near the Major's throne like a pet."

      He is not a werekin, werebeast, or anything like that. He was a science experiment.

      Those are the facts.

      More proof-

      "As stated by Kouta Hirano, Schrödinger was created by The Doctor."

      The author himself even confirmed it. So yeah, you are in fact making stuff up.

      Please stop. Alucard is only a Transcendent Vampire and nothing more. He only made Schrodinger into a familiar, he didn't merge with him.

      This is confirmed word for word at the end of the manga.

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    • What is the source?

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    • The very first paragraph of his description, and the doctors page on the wikia.

      Seriously, just stop already.

      Alucard is not a user. He is and always has been a transcendent vampire.

      You never watched the series or read the manga, I can tell. If you had you would know what actually happened and you wouldn't be making things up.

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    • I don't know how many times I have to tell you this.

      Schrodinger is not a werecreature. He was created in a lab.

      He was a science experiment.

      The author himself confirmed that he was created by the doctor.

      That means it undeniable.

      Schrodinger was never a werekin to begin with.

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    • Schrödinger Edit As stated by Kouta Hirano, Schrödinger was created by The Doctor and the two share a father-son relationship. He and the cat boy constantly argue with one another and emulates a mad scientist reputation. As they both enjoy war and excitedly anticipated for Walter and Alucard to fight near the end of the series, the two have much in common. The two watch in glee at the violence of London on top of The Major's zeppelin as their boss commands the Last Battalion as if it were an orchestra.

      Taken from the Doctors page.

      This argument is now over. The authors own words confirmed that he is not an example.

      If you post false edits again I will ask that the page is locked.

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    • "There as part of The Major's plan to finally end Alucard by putting him in a situation where he must replenish himself with new familiars, Schrödinger cuts off his head."

      He is a familiar, he never merged with schrodinger.

      The conversation is over. He is not a user and he never will be.

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    • Even if "he" wasn't a Werekin, he would still be a Werecat according to this wiki, along with every other wiki that I've looked at. You haven't gave me a source yet. I've given you all of mine.

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    • Yes I did.

      The source comes from the Hellsing wikia. I literally took it right off the page.

      the comicvine image you provided literally states that he is not a werebeast-

      "the ubiquitous catboy genetically engineered by Millennium's Doctor."

      Your not even bothering to read the entire page anymore. Your just picking up random pieces of information and disregarding everything else shown to you.

      HE IS NOT A USER. I'm done arguing about this. I gave you the source- The Hellsing wikia.

      You just don't want to accept your wrong. The Author already confirmed it himself that Schrodinger is not a werecreature.

      The only werecreature in Hellsing is The Captain. Because he actually fits the definition of what a werebeast is.

      Schrodinger is a genetic experiment that granted him cat like characteristics. He cannot transform into an actual cat or a hybrid creature.

      That's all Schrodinger is, and all he has ever been.

      Now please drop it.

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      The wikia's own bureaucrat says that your wrong. Your no longer allowed to make up lies to suit your opinion.

      Any further arguments are null and void. Schrodinger is not considered a werekin or a werecat and the wikia staff for the hellsing wikia have said so.

      Its over and done with. Please find something else to do now.

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