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    23:20, June 27, 2020

    I told some people online about SCP-583 and it being included in the absolute character erasure.

    But they told me this.

    as quoted by one of the people.

    "That's not what 583 does though?
    Its a Cognitohazard.

    From the first part of its Description:
    "Subjects who watch SCP-583's recording suffer from a unique perception disorder: after seeing [REDACTED] die of asphyxiation, subjects witness the similar death of every character, fictional or not, that they see on TV or in a movie, hear on radio, or read about, whether printed or in electronic format " It has literally nothing to do with character erasure."

    Basically even if you watch 583. while you will see the character die in another form of media. in that form of media. everyone else will see everything normally.

    More quotes from the users from online who are knowledgeable about 583

    "No it doesn't.
    The affected individual will see any character in any piece of media choke and die.
    For those not exposed to 583, the piece of media proceeds as normal."

    "I mean it doesn't actually kill them. Like stated its Cognitohazard. Nowhere is it stated for example that the Clash of Kings book that was read changed at all. How the reader perceived it changed, but if you then gave the book to someone else not infected they would have a normal copy.
    Similarly you see real people dying, but they don't die in real life. If your watching a newscast the person you see on screen would die, but everyone else would see the normal newscast and the person isn't actually dead. Presumbably you can see them die multiple times if you watch different episodes."

    so i'm not sure it actually counts as a user.

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