• Why should I keep it the way it is? Is the use of, say, 'mental/brain supremacy' for the sake of simplicity and to convey the fact that if a user shifts their mind, it affects the brain? 

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    • the brain is the organ where consciousness originates and the brain is associated with the mind

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    • If you're saying consciousness awareness, I agree with you. Otherwise, that is simply false. If you are claiming the 'self' consciousness is a product of the brain, you are assuming materialism/physicalism is true. Materialism/Physicalism has not been proven to be true, so using the terms interchangeably might not be ideal or accurate. 

      And before you say, no, alcohol and drugs are not evidence of the brain producing consciousness. They are evidence of correlation between mind and brain, not causation. Consciousness pertaining to the self/identity is still accepted as a mystery, hence the Hard Problem of Consciousness. Consciousness originating in the brain is not a proven fact. 

      If the terms are being used interchangeably for the sake of simplicity then that is fine. 

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