• UM - CU doesn’t merge with the universe.

      UP - CU is not parasitic to the universe nor drains any life-force.

      SU - CU is the cosmic variation of Unity just as much as Nature Unity is the nature variation of Unity. So, in that respect, the two are basically like two sides of Unity’s same coin.

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    • Unifying/being one with something is the same as merging with it.

      There is no actual difference between the two concepts.

      Besides if you bother to check you will see that Nature Unity is connected to planetary merging.

      Universal merging already covers it.

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    • In fact, Planetary Merging is also called Planetary Unity.

      So saying they aren't related or considered to be the same power is inaccurate.

      And the same goes for Universal Merging.

      They are the same power. Universal Merging is Cosmic Unity.

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