• It was a staff decision that was made after a very long discussion regarding his capabilities.

    The decision was made permanent by the Bureaucrats, and Saitama was placed under Supernatural Strength instead.

    The page was locked for a very long time after that. So trying to add him back is only going to lead to the page being protected once more.

    Sorry, but the decision was final. He simply doesn't fit the necessary capabilities, nor is it likely that he will ever demonstrate them.

    The most your going to find him doing is One Hit Kill. 

    Unless you want the page to be locked permanently again, its best not to try and add him back.

    The highest feat Saitama has ever demonstrated is stopping a planetary destroying attack.

    Users of Absolute Strength can easily break galaxies with their fists. Saitama will never show anything like that, nor would the author ever even bother to write a story like that.

    All of Saitamas encounters are never going to go beyond the planet he lives on, so him demonstrating Absolute Strength is pretty much off the table. 

    ONE's thoughts regarding Saitama means he is never going to show beyond a certain level of strength because its simply not his writing style to do so.

    So any point that says he can do this is merely hyperbole, because we all know that its never going to happen in the story. 

    Sorry to disappoint you. ^^;;

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    • "The highest feat Saitama has ever demonstrated is stopping a planetary destroying attack" You say?!

      Have you even seen episode 12 of the anime?!

      Serious Punch ISN'T his final move like Boros said "You were still holding back"!

      Also! Not to mention, The asteroid! It was nearly 1/4th of earth's size! And Saitama didn't even use a Serious Series attack!

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    • As I said before, the decision was made by the staff/bureaucrats and we have to respect it.

      I understand your feelings, but arguing about it will only cause the page to be locked again.

      And neither of us want that to happen. So please leave it be, ok?

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    • We don’t know the full potential of Saitama strength yet, so we cannot assume that it’s limitless, absolute or infinite. Even if later in the series he starts punching universal level characters or or punch an entire planet to pieces The staff will still most likely not at him there.

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    • ALSO! On an interview with One (One punch man's creator), he said "Saitama has broken his body's limiter, There for, His strength DOESN'T have a limit"!

      "Limitless Strength" Hmmmm, Where have i heard that before?!

      Oh Yeah! ABSOLUTE! 

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    • I’m terribly sorry but the staff said that he will never be a user. I know it sucks but that’s just how it is.

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    • I'm not exactly trying to start a fight, I'm just saying, Saitama is obviously worthy of being in the Absolute Strength list!

      Seriously! It has been shown in the Original Webcomic, Manga AND an Interview that he has broken his Limiter! Therefor Limitless Strength!

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    • A FANDOM user
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