• First of all, having no more limitations added and keeping it the way it is, is just not even cool with us users. We are meant to add as much limitations as we want as long as they have anything to do with the power in question, especially when it comes to powers that counter it in any possible way. It this were to be the case on the entirety of this wiki, then this is a specific way on how to ruin this wiki for the userbase.

    As for Nonexistence itself, I have two questions in regards to it, but they are massive bombshells.

    1. As Nonexistence is a 'specialized variation to Omnipotence, the main problem is, what if it were a subpower to Omnipotence? Would the user be able to reverse the deleted targets of the three erasure powers?

    2. Secondly, what if Omnipotence were to go against Erasure, Ultimate Erasure, or even Nonexistence? Would Omnipotence be able to reverse the three Erasure ability's effects, thus restoring absolutely anything as we all know them? Omnipotence is the power to be all-powerful, perfect, and to accomplish absolutely anything, whether impossible, inconceivable, and as well as what is possible. I'm sure confident that Nonexistence, Erasure, and Ultimate Erasure won't be able to fight back against it. Good luck defending your own stances on these.

    3. While this may not be a question itself, Erasure is a sub-power to Nothingness Manipulation, and having control over this sort of thing means the user can reverse the effects as they see fit. I don't know if Primordial Nothingness Manipulation is a perfect variation to the former, but if there IS a Meta Nothingness Manipulation, which it would have Nonexistence as its sub-power, then pretty much, the power would be capable of doing the same thing as it should in reversing the effects. Another common but dependable weakness of the users of Nonexistence, Erasure, and Ultimate Erasure themselves, is that they have no control over their own deletions. And that's another point I have to bring up.

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