• Heloo there, DYBAD. Long time you asked me if the author of Anima: Beyond Fantasy was planning to launch new content, welp, is not a new book, but is a new official complement: the Dramatis Personae Vol. II (in spanish), from the last months votation, we got 10 new sheets.

    Also, if interested in something else aside of the the ttrpg, a new game its in the work: Anima: Song of the Abyss (can't link right now, but you can find it in yt or in @animaps).

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    • Hey Antonio !

      Thank you for the link, it may not be a new lore book per se, but sheets of important characters are the best part of those ^ ^

      Shame it's in spanish only, I'm not fluent in it unlike english I picked up over the years little by little. Seeing that english is the international language (especially in business), it's surprising that translation is such a low priority when it comes to ABF.

      Song of the Abyss is a ttrpg based on Anima, kinda like a D&D scenario ? I'll google it up and see what I can find ^ ^

      Thank you again :)

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    • Most of them has been translated, you can find them in the MEGA compilation of the community (look for Complementos --> Carlos Personae), what has been translated are the Illumina and Seline's sheets, plus Ilumina and Kisidan's new info added in the final complement (is possible that the complete complement is translated soon).

      The game is this, curious enough, Carlos (the author) told us if we reached the 500 rt we'll get a new sheet, something I believe we'll get in 7-15 days as he told us.

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    • Actually, the DPII translated is already up.

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    • Awesome ! On it as we speak ^ ^

      Thank you very much :D

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    • No problem. Every sheet also came with its own Q&A (except by the Ilumina and Kisidan ones, as we still don't have a date), but naturally, they are in Spanish.

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