• Birdy the Mighty is not a gender bender/transformation.

    Tsutomu is merely sharing Birdy's body. 

    The body you see throughout the series is just Birdy's, even when it appears that it changes into Tsutomu thats nothing more than switching her appearance so that tsutomu doesn't get found out.

    Birdy is an example of Space Sharing (two things sharing the exact same volume of space, position and location)

    If it was an actual gender bender, then Tsutomu wouldn't be living inside Birdy's body. rather he would simply be Birdy inside his own flesh and blood.

    You should probably rewatch the series, because you missed some crucial information.

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    • Oh I seen the anime only of Birdy The Mighty Evolution, but I'm on volume 10 of the Birdy The Mighty manga currently.

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