• hello dybad, i want to ask you about boundless inner world, can you tell me why it was removed from the superpower wiki and is currently taking over the boundless inner world page?

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    • Hello there ^ ^

      There was a talk about it on Necro's Wall ("Boundless Inner World" thread), and notabbly the last post from me.

      To sum it up, there was no official user that really met all the key conditions (Inner World + Infinite Power/Knowlegde + Sentience), and changing the power in order for one of them to truly fit would have compromised its core identity too much in the eyes of the SPW community.

      I'm not really sold about this part (changing a power so that it meets the criteria is standard protocol), and I'm pretty sure a majority of users here would have prefered the power to be modified rather than blogged away, but it wasn't really negociable, so that's how it is for now.

      I will rework the power in its current blog form, submit the new version later, and hope it will be received more favorably.

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    • okay, because i feel so sorry for a great power like boundless inner world but being erased is such a pity that this is one of my favorites.

      another reason for the extremely powerful boundless inner world  is that boundary manipulation, if it is possible to manipulate the boundaries from within, would have infinite benefits rather than the manipulations from the outside because if outside would be people who have the same ability to undo boundaries while inside can do whatever they want without being trespassed of interfered with 

      thank you for letting me know.

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    • You're welcome ^ ^

      Sorry for the late reply, I was waiting at the time for an approval about how to handle it, got started once I had it and forgot to go back to my Wall afterwards.

      There were three main requirements for the original power, and the only way forward seems to give one up and focus on the remaining two, so legit users may be possible. I worked on a new version centered on two requirements, and kept a copy of the original on the side to try a different combination (=new power) later on if some legit users can be confirmed to support the concept.

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    • that okay, thank you for replying to my message

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    • A FANDOM user
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