• Because you were removing valid applications and adding things that have nothing to do with Perfection.

    The applications you removed are necessary powers for Perfection.

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    • Well, the powers to which they were sub-powers or variations were also there so that was why I removed some of those sub-powers and variations, respectively. And as for the ones that "had nothing to do with Perfection", I'd check again and read what it is that they do before going around acting like if "I know every power to the letter".

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    • Self Supremacy belongs under Existential Perfection.

      Unrestricted Movement is not an application of Physical Perfection (besides the fact its already covered by Absolute Agility). And the same goes for Absolute Unpredictability for Mental Perfection.

      You are adding things that do not belong under Perfection.

      Supernatural Bodily Aspects is beyond the scope of Genetic Perfection, as it covers things that aren't related to merely a perfect form of genetic structure.

      So yes, the reversion was necessary.

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    • Self Supremacy - I don't think you've heard of its ultimate form: Personal Mastery.

      Unrestricted Movement - how exactly does being able to move effortlessly in any/all environments and conditions not count for Physical Perfection.

      Absolute Unpredictability - on that one, I see a point now that I've read a little more on what it actually does.

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    • Personal Mastery is not under Existential Perfection though. Its Under Genetic Perfection.

      So removing it was unneeded

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    • Already took care of that by removing it from where it doesn't belong.

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    • A FANDOM user
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