• Some of Energy Absorption can absorb other mutants' powers and their abilities and their strengths and memories, which comes to the strongest man of the New World to become the king and their youthful life to be rich and brilliant that also make them evil with burden.

    Sebastian Shaw(Black King)'s Kinetic Energy can be more ability from other mutants and explosion just by not reducing it in the comic book or maybe, but in the movie Kevin Bacon can do it in X-Men First Class was incredible when he manipulate like multipying.

    Rogue's powers can absorb their powers and their memories to see or remember or know everything that she can control by touching skin-to-skin with other mutants. She could be dangerous not just by touching her with super strength.

    Absorbing pain which is the meaning that other people can hit hard or harder enough just by absorbing the pain inside of him/herself when they feel it when they get hurt or not that their bodies are filled with armor. And reducing it to other person when they feel their bones broke into pieces.

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