The ability to merge two or more points in time into a single point. Variation of Fusionism and World Merging.

Also Called

  • Event Fusion
  • Time Merging


The user can merge different points of time/events into a single point of time, locking any amount of aspects of the points in time or events when they do so. They could take an era in the past and merge it with an era in the future, or vice versa, and fuse them into one.




  • May have limits on what size the environments must be to be merged.
  • May not be able to merge certain points in time.

Known Locations

  • Chronopolis (Marvel Comics; LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2)
  • Dead Sea (Chrono Cross)
  • Land of the Lost (The Land of the Lost)
  • River Song's world (Doctor Who)
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