"Say goodbye to the universe, Maximals! The future has changed, yessssss. The Autobots lose! Evil triumphs! And you...YOU NO LONGER EXIST!"
― Megatron's words during the timestorm he has caused. (Beast Wars Transformers)
"Guys... We broke time."
― Sara (DC's Legends of Tomorrow) after observing the effects of the time storm the Legends caused by interacting with their past selves.

The ability to create destructive timestorms. Sub-power of Timestorm Manipulation Technique of Time Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Timestorm Generation/Inducement/Manifestation


User can create ravaging temporal storms capable of erasing all of existence.



  • Can only cause timestorms, not manipulate them.
  • May also erase the user from existence as well if not careful.
  • May only effect things in the current present and/or the future.
  • Cannot affect Omnipotent Beings.

Known Users

  • Megatron (Beast Wars Transformers); via destroying a stasis-locked Optimus Prime.
  • Time Travelers (DC's Legends of Tomorrow); via seeing/interacting with their past selves
  • Fenric (Doctor Who)
  • Golden Wheel of Time users (Iceman series)
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