"Four bicuspids over there! An incisor two blocks east. Is that a molar? They're everywhere!"
― (Toothiana/The Tooth Fairy (Rise of the Guardians))

The power to sense the presence of teeth in one's vicinity. Sub-power to Teeth Manipulation. Variation of Organic Detection.

Also Called

  • Tooth Sensitivity


The user is able to sense the presence of teeth and possibly gain detailed understanding about the teeth they are sensing, including the amount/size of organic matter they are sensing and whether it is hidden.




  • May be dependent on natural senses.
  • User may need to concentrate to determine the location of a specific tooth.
  • May be limited to certain types of teeth.

Known Users

  • Tooth Fairy (The Fairly Oddparents)
  • Toothiana/The Tooth Fairy (Rise of the Guardians)
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