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The power to siphon all energy from objects, creatures, or existing energies. Sub-power of Total Conversion. Technique of Absolute Energy Absorption. Advanced version of Energy Drain.

Also Called

  • Complete Drain/Draining
  • Complete Leech/Siphon
  • Total Draining
  • Total Leech/Siphon


User can drain/leech/siphon completely anything/everything of any/all forms of energy, possibly/potentially even down to the energy holding your atoms/molecules together. Making the target physically weaker, causing extreme fatigue or even leaving near death or breaking them down entirely while gaining their strength and stamina in the process.

No matter how much energy, life-force or stamina the target may have, they can completely empty all of it in a single drain/leeching even if the target is at full health/peak capacity.




Known Users

  • Users of Raid (Final Fantasy VI)
  • Bellcross (Heroic Age)
  • Shinju (Naruto)
  • Orgathe (The Night Dawns Trilogy); via Entropy Acceleration
  • Alastor (Shakugan no Shana); when physically summoned
  • Shadow Creature (Stargate Atlantis)
  • Guinness (Toriko); via Incapacitation Inducement

Known Powers

  • Raid (Final Fantasy VI)