The power to mimic/replicate everything from others. Not to be confused with Almighty Replication.

Also Called

  • Complete/Total Copy
  • Complete Mimicry/Replication
  • Total Replication


User can mimic and replicate everything that others can do or has access to, including their skills, powers, talents, attributes, intuition, condition/status, experience, knowledge, memories, augmentations/enhancements, transformations, actions, weaponry/objects, etc.

This allows user mimic perfectly everything their target is able to do, without actually transforming them or changing their overall appearance. They may be able to replicate inherent, genetic or bodily traits, and potentially even non-physical aspects/traits (such as one's shadow, reflection, or scent).

Unlike Almighty Replication, user isn't limited to merely replicating powers or status, but everything that the target is able to or can do.






Known Users

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