The power to attack targets anywhere/everywhere in all of existence. Absolute version of Omnipresential Attack. Opposite to Absolute Evasion.

Also Called

  • Boundless Attack
  • Metapresential Attack
  • Omniversal Attack


User is able to attack the targets regardless of their locality/temporality in the totality of existence. No matter where the opponent is, they can reach them with ease.

As the attack reaches through of all existence at the same time it becomes impossible to dodge, escape or even avoid the attack, even if the target is isolated, evading, separated or even unreachable.




Known Users

  • Darren the Ancient Sleeper (Adventure Time)
  • Pralaya (DC Comics)
  • Yuri & Chelinka (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates)
  • Medea (Rising of the Shield Hero)


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