"What do you got, the whole town's DNA on file?"
"Y'uh huh. If you've ever handled a penny, the government's got your DNA. Why do you think they keep 'em in circulation?"
― Clancy Wiggum and DNA Testing Guy (The Simpsons)

The power to manipulate identifying traces. 

Also Called

  • Trace Control


The user can manipulate traces of themselves or other people, including fingerprints, footprints, DNA sequences, dental patterns, retinal patterns, fallen hair, blood, skin particles, etc. It includes mental traces in regards to psychic powered people who can track others' minds and brainwaves.


  • Counter every method used to track a person.
  • Change where traces may lead to to fool trackers.
  • Alter DNA to remove or change the DNA traces of oneself or others.
  • Can remove one's own traces.
  • Can alter or remove mental traces as well.
  • DNA Replication
  • Technological Invisibility
  • Trail Generation



  • May be limited to manipulating the traces of either oneself or others.
  • May not be able to alter some traces.
  • Tracking Evasion

Known Users

  • Pepita (Coco)
  • Copycat (Marvel Comics)
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