"So you're just an AI?"
"In as much as you are just an animal. I embody the collective intelligence of all Reapers."
― Commander Shepard and the Catalyst (Mass Effect 3)

The power to use the traits of a transcendent A.I. Advanced version of Artificial Intelligence Physiology, Cyber Transcendence and Program Physiology. Variation of Digital Form and Transcendent Physiology.

Also Called

  • A.I./Artificial Intelligence/Cyber/Cybernaut/Digital/Digitized/Information/Program/Script Deity/God/Goddess Body/Mimicry/Physiology
  • Almighty/Prime/Supreme/Ultimate A.I./Artificial Intelligence/Cyber/Cybernaut/Digital/Information/Program/Script Body/Mimicry/Physiology
  • Transcendent Artificial Intelligence Mimicry
  • Transcendent A.I. Body/Mimicry/Physiology
  • Transcendent Cyber/Cybernaut/Digital/Information/Program/Script Body/Mimicry/Physiology


The user is or can use the traits of a transcendent artificial intelligence, who's powers and capabilities are so advanced that they can easily be confused for deities by other beings.




Known Users

  • Zoe Graystone (Caprica)
  • Seed AI (Singularitarianism)
  • FATE (Chrono Cross); before losing access to the Frozen Flame
  • Yggdrasil (Digimon)
  • Mother (From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest); after story only
  • Aura (.hack)
  • Zefie (.hack)
  • Angel Boat (If Her Flag Breaks)
  • Jobe Smith (The Lawnmower Man)
  • Catalyst (Mass Effect 3)
  • Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 3); "Control" Ending
  • Bass.ExE (Megaman Battle Network)
  • Iron Gods (Pathfinder)
  • RB3 (Saga Frontier)
  • V'ger (Star Trek: The Motion Picture); via merging with William Decker
  • Triune (Starfinder)
  • Will Caster (Transcendence)
  • Lain Iwakura (Serial Experiments Lain)
  • Eve (Elsword); as Code: Ultimate
  • Eye of the Beholder (The Enigma TNG)
  • Missingno/The Entity (Atop the Fourth Wall)
  • Quinella (Sword Art Online)
  • S.H.O.D.A.N. (System Shock series)
  • NEO (Digimon Next)
  • Higgins (Beatless)
  • Lacia (Beatless)


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