The power to to cause oneself or others to move in place.

Also Called

  • Ground Movement Neutralization
  • Ground Movement In Place
  • In-Place Ground Movement


The user can make themselves or other people move in place. When used on oneself, users can make it so that they don't move when sliding, running or rolling or doing other ground movements while they move their legs (or, in some cases, arms) on the ground, which can be used to pause movements or charge up speed and/or attacks. This can be done with Friction Manipulation or high skill with body parts. On other people, users can remove friction so that others will just move in place like a cartoon character, whether they slide, roll, walk, run, crawl, etc. They will be immobile, though they can still attack in their spot. The targets can also still fly, swim and jump as well.


  • Friction Manipulation (on others to keep them from moving)
  • Stay still while moving one's own legs before running, rolling, walking, etc.
  • Cause others not to get anywhere when they walk, run, slide, etc.
  • Potentially charge speed and/or attacks when used on oneself



  • Cannot stop others from jumping, swimming and flying.
  • Others can still move their limbs to attack.
  • Can be limited to affecting only themselves or others.
  • May require physical contact with a target.

Known Users

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog); on himself only
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