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"Wow, that girl's hot."
"That's a guy."
"That other guy's handsome."
"That's a girl."
"That cat is cute."
"That's a dog."
― Peter Griffin and Glenn Quagmire (Family Guy)

The power to mimic the DNA and mind of a person and use it as their "true-self". Opposite of True-Self Recognition.

Also Called

  • True-Identity Deception


The user can mimic the mind and DNA of others and use it as their "true-self" without actually changing their outward appearance and personality. This is how it works: The user copies the DNA (including form and powers) and exact mind of another user. They can then activate the copied DNA and mind of the other person at any time. The user still acts, looks, thinks the way they do, as their body and mind are still the same. However, when someone tries to read or duplicate the user, they do not read or duplicate the user, but the person they copied the DNA and mind of earlier. For example, those who read the mind, personality and memories and emotions of the user would find themselves reading the mind of someone else rather than the user.

Also, those who try to shapeshift into looking like the user would actually "perceive" the user to be someone else, and shapeshifts into someone else rather than the real user. If the user were to clone himself, or if someone cloned the user, the clone would come out as the person whose DNA and mind were copied by the user, all as if the DNA and mind the user copied were exactly their identity and they were trying to hide it. While the user may look like their own self to the naked eye of a person, machines and magic may likely see the user as another person. Even those with Essence Reading could be fooled by this.





  • May only work on a number of clones or shapeshifters.
  • Cannot copy the identity of those who are able to resist.
  • Users of Reality Perception can see through this power.
  • May be limited replicating only certain people.
  • May not be able to copy and store some traits, like powers.
  • May not be able to deactivate power.
  • Weak against True-Self Recognition.

Known Users

  • Shana (Shakugan no Shana)