The power to gain powers through a symbiotic relationship with a twilight being. Variation of Symbiosis and Universal Force Symbiosis.

Also Called

  • Crepuscular Symbiosis
  • Dawn/Dusk Symbiosis


The user can gain powers by symbiotically hosting or linking to a twilight being, such as an embodiment of twilight, supernatural beings associated with or in charge of dawn/dusk or even entities comprised of crepuscular essence. The bond between entity and host can grant potent twilight abilities, but as with most forms of Symbiosis, it can come with a price.




  • The twilight entity may take over the host’s mind and/or body (Possession).
  • The power wielded may be dangerous to the user.
  • Powerful twilight entity may harm or even destroy host’s body.
  • Bond Destruction/Cosmic Manipulation/Light-Darkness Manipulation could defeat the user.
  • May only be able to control one aspect of twilight (darkness, light, cosmic boundary, etc.).

Known Users

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