The power to combine advantages of types into a new type..

Also Called

  • Advantageous Type Combination


User can take and combine advantage of any type of something and make a new type with all those advantages that they could infuse themselves or others and other objects. For example, they can take both a type of leg and foot built for speed and mobility and take another type of leg and foot with stability, and combine them into one type that they can induce onto themselves or others.

This is different from Superior Traits Combination in that replication is not necessary, but just taking those advantages or inducing them, stealing them, etc. will do.




  • May have a time-limit for how long the advantages are retained.
  • Accumulation may cause a power overload.
  • May only be able to combine a limited amount of advantages at a time.
  • May have limited range, including touch only.

Known Users

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