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"I've got a unique situation, I'm omnipotent! The trouble with being omnipotent is that reality isn't real to me! Everything is what I say it is! If I decide that granite is squeezably soft, It is! If I decide that cows have wings, They do! To put it another way, Cows do not have wings because I don't want them to! My imagination and reality are virtually indistinguishable! All existence, except me, might as well be a figment of my imagination! Maybe it is! I might have just dreamed all this up, including wingless cows! But then the whole point is that it makes no difference!"
― The Beyonder (Marvel Comics)
"God's power is unlimited. He needs no teachers to guide or correct him."
― Job 36:22-24

The ability to possess ultimate/endless raw power. Basic Variation of Omnipotence. Not to be confused with Metapotence.

Also Called

  • Basic Omnipotence
  • Illimitable/Limitless/Ultimate/Unlimited/Unparalleled/Unrestricted Power
  • Omnipotential
  • Omnifery
  • Power-aspect of Omnipotence
  • Raw Omnipotence
  • True Infinite/Endless Power
  • Ultifery


Ultipotence is Omnipotence based on the definition of “having unlimited power and potential” or "the quality of having unlimited or very great power". The user possesses truly ultimate/endless power and potential Infinitely Exceeding everyone else in their setting. Allowing one to potentially achieve anything and everything without any limit depending on how much knowledge and control the user has over their power. Users therefore has limitless means at their disposal, but must have a clear enough idea of what they want to achieve and how they will do it. This double condition may notably prevent the power from going awry and backfiring on the user.

Effective use of Ultipotence requires both knowledge and imagination: knowledge to offer templates for applications, and imagination to shape new possibilities.

While users are not really all-knowing, the user could acquire tremendous amounts of new knowledge as they need, gradually expanding their options and refining their mastery through practice and experience, Furthering their control and precision over their endless power and access to new abilities more powerful than before, Opening new worlds of possibilities.




Manipulation (physical):

Manipulation (metaphysical):




  • It is possible for Ultipotence and Omnipotence to both exist, though the former can only be partially equal in power to the latter, due to the lack of Omniscience is what makes the Ultipotent being only second to a Truly Omnipotent being.
  • The user can receive new knowledge in one go via some rare artifacts, connections to ancient supernatural forces, or having it bestowed to them any one willing to grant it to them, or simply having the idea of achieving it being conveyed clearly enough to them thus immediately unlocking a massive amount of new capabilities with every major input.
    • The amount of knowledge the user can acquire is endless as the power they possess is essentially and truly infinite. Thus the user can achieve Nigh-Omniscience and continuously gain more knowledge if they desire .
      • Traditionally, Ultipotent beings wouldn't be able to achieve Omniscience by natural means, however this does not mean that it's impossible for them to achieve it. If there is a setting where this does indeed happen then the user would most likely be considered a metapotent being or otherwise depending on the circumstances.
  • Ultipotent beings aren't invincible by default. Depending on the level of knowledge and control over their power, it's possible for ultipotent beings to be defeated by anyone less than a Truly Omnipotent being.

Known Users

  • God (Star Maker); as The Star Maker
  • Ryu (Breath of Fire IV); as the Yorae Dragon
  • Monitor-Mind/The Overvoid (DC Comics)
  • Wallace Johnson/Wally The God-Boy (DC Comics)
  • Kevin Thorn (Fables)
  • Habaki Sakagami (Kajiri Kamui Kagura); via tumor
  • Hajun (Kajiri Kamui Kagura); with tumor
  • Dyntos (Kid Icarus Uprising)
  • Beyonder (Marvel Comics); Pre-Retcon
  • The Beyonders (Marvel Comics); collectively
  • Victor Von Doom (Marvel Comics); as God King Doom
  • Molecule Man/Owen Reece (Marvel Comics); via absorbing The Beyonder Race’s powers.
  • Max Faraday (Wildstorm Comics); via The Creation Equation
  • Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo)
  • Aaron Smith-Teller (Unsong); via The Explicit Name, Shem haMephorash
  • The Comet King (Unsong); via The Explicit Name, Shem haMephorash
  • The Archetypes (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Yahoel (Apocalypse of Abraham)
  • Arjuna Alter (TYPE-MOON)
  • Michael (Valkyrie Crusade)