The ability to possess ultimate/endless raw power. Power-only version of Omnipotence. Variation of Nigh Omnipotence.

Also Called

  • Basic Omnipotence
  • Elite/Top Nigh Omnipotence
  • Illimitable/Limitless/Ultimate/Unlimited/Unparalleled/Unrestricted Power
  • Omnipotent/Unlimited/Unrestricted Reality Warping
  • Omnipotential
  • Omnifery
  • Ultifery


Ultipotence is Omnipotence without Omniscience: ultimate/endless raw power allowing one to achieve anything and everything without any limit, except getting knowledge out of nowhere.

Users therefore have unlimited means at their disposal, but must have a clear enough idea of what they want to achieve and how they will do it. This double condition notably prevents the power from going awry and backfiring on the user.

Effective use thus requires both knowledge and imagination: knowledge to offer templates for applications, and imagination to shape new possibilities.

While users are not all-knowing, they can use their powers in numerous ways to gain the knowledge they need.




Manipulation (physical):

Manipulation (metaphysical):




  • It is possible for Ultipotence and Omnipotence to both exist, but despite the latter being equal in power, that and lack of Omniscience is what makes the user only second to a Truly Omnipotent being (as stated in the limitations above).
  • Ultipotence is also basically Nigh Omnipotence, except its infinitely more powerful, despite not being completely Omnipotent, and totally near to the point of being second to True Omnipotence due to the fact that the user has endless raw power at their disposal.

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