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==Known Objects==
==Known Objects==
*Darksign (''Dark Souls series'')
* The Book of the Dead (''Anima: Beyond Fantasy'')
* Darksign (''Dark Souls series'')
[[Category:Supernatural Powers]]
[[Category:Supernatural Powers]]

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The power to transform living beings into undead. Sub-power of Reanimation. Variation of Conversion.

Also Called

  • Undead Form (oneself only)
  • Undead Inducement/Transformation


User can transform oneself or others into undead or undead hybrids, granting them undead abilities and/or traits.




Known Users

  • Pharaohmon (Digimon); via "Necromist"
  • Undead (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare)

Known Objects

  • The Book of the Dead (Anima: Beyond Fantasy)
  • Darksign (Dark Souls series)
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