"He's got the proportional strength of a paralyzed spider!"
― Bank Robber (The Simpsons)

The power to move even when bound, restrained or rendered inflexible. Sub-power of Unrestricted Movement.

Also called

  • Unconfined Mobility/Movement
  • Unconstrained Mobility/Movement
  • Unfixed Mobility
  • Unsecured Mobility/Movement


The user can do any movement, regardless of being tied up, chained, imprisoned, sealed, or otherwise being rendered inflexible and not able to move. This can work either by breaking out of bonds, seals and restraints, moving effectively while restrained or bound or rendered inflexible or unable to move their joints due to bindings. The user may not be able to do things such as carry things or fight, but they can still move/dodge effectively. The user also cannot be entangled in undergrowth or nets or other similar things.



  • May not be able to do some things like carrying things or fight.
  • May not be able to break out of some bindings.

Known Users

  • Jukai (Outlaw Star)
  • Oddball (Thrill Kill)
  • Hercules (TYPE-MOON)
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