The power to manipulate unfreedom. Sub-power of Status Manipulation and Primordial Order Manipulation. Opposite to Freedom Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Domination Control/Manipulation
  • Unfreedom Control


User can manipulate unfreedom, or things and people who are not free. They could enslave people or take away people's freedoms, or subject them to different laws or rules. This is not exactly the same as being oppressed, but the targets affected by this power cannot do what they would want to do.




  • May be limited to certain forms of unfreedom.
  • User is not free from Omnipotent beings.
  • User may be limited by distance/Size/Skill.
  • May require knowledge on how to unfree something.
  • May not be able to affect Omnilock.
  • May be weak/useless against Meta Powers.

Known Users

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