The ability to create a protected area of dark/malevolent/demonic energy which damages/destroys/repels/corrupts anything that enters its range. Demonic variation of Effect Field Projection. Opposite to Divine Territory.

Also Called

  • Corruption Space
  • Desecrate Area
  • Evil Space/Ground
  • Malevolent Zone


The user can create an area protected by demonic power which destroys/damages/repels/corrupts anything that attempts to enters its range of influence. This ability is a powerful defensive skill which allows a user to hold off even the most powerful of benevolent entities to formulate a counterattack. Prolonged presence in the field could induce madness in the minds of weak-willed opponents.




  • User is may not be able to attack their opponent directly while this power is active.
  • Power usage my require immense levels of concentration.
  • Range of influence may be limited.
  • May be weak against those with Divine Territory.

Known Users

  • Zola (Blue Dragon)
  • The Lich King (World of Warcraft)


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