" I see it now! I see it all! Their universe! Disgusting! An abomination! Pulsating with corrupt life! One giant, twisted organic mass! Their whole universe is a deathless corpse! A cancer trying to metastasize into our reality! I asked: what’s the worst that could happen? This is. How can I protect the universe from another universe? Galaxies and worlds all united to consume us?"
― Quasar (Marvel Comics)
"I'll become the Universe, and I'll be what the single-minded once called God."
― Unity (Rick and Morty)

The power to merge into/with the universe. Sub-power of Universal Manipulation. Advanced variation of Planetary Merging. Not to be confused with Universal Parasitism.

Also Called

  • Universal Fusion/Unity


User can merge into/with the universe, allowing them to move within the universe as well as manipulate it and anything connected to it as if it was part of their own body.




Known Users

  • NEO (Digimon Next)
  • Infinite Zamasu (Dragon Ball Super)
  • Machine Ultimate Intelligence/MUI (Hyperion Cantos)
  • The First Ones (Rifts); via merging with the Cosmic Forge


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