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*Gangreen Gang (''The Powerpuff Girls'')
*Gangreen Gang (''The Powerpuff Girls'')
*Gecko Moriah (''One Piece'')
*Gecko Moriah (''One Piece'')
*Murdoc Niccals (''Gorillaz'')
*[ Murdoc Niccals] (''Gorillaz'')
*Sei Kai (''Kingdom'')
*[ Sei Kai] (''Kingdom'')
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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The ability to possess an uncommon skin color. Related power to Skin Color Manipulation. Variation of Unnatural Quality.

Also Called

  • Amazing Technicolor Skin
  • Uncommon Skin Coloration
  • Unnatural Skin Pigmentation


The user either possesses a level of skin color more unique than that of a normal member of their species or is simply a member of a species that has a different skin pigment.



  • May be a result of a genetic defect that comes with certain side-effects.

Known Users

See Also: Amazing Technicolor Population


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