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The power to be unreachable by any means. Sub-power of Distance Manipulation and Paradox Inducement. Opposite to Reach Inducement. Advanced version of Distant Boundary.

Also Called

  • Ever Distant
  • Unapproachability
  • Untouchability
  • Zeno's Paradoxes


The user can become unreachable, making it impossible to approach or get near them. This may grant them immunity to a number of different attacks and keep anyone or anything from ever coming near or touching the user, regardless of its origin. They simply never "get there" because they can't ever "reach" the user. The user may have the option of allowing certain things to approach them.

Anything will always be at a set distance away from the user once they enter their range, even if the user is simply standing there, not doing anything. Thus, it becomes impossible to get close enough to even scratch them.





Known Users

Known Locations

  • Abaton (DC Comics/Vertigo Comics)
  • Valley of the Gods (Forgotten Realms)
  • The Spire (Planescape)
  • Golden City/Black City (Dragon Age)
  • Laugh Tale (One Piece); is unreachable without the Road Poneglyphs

Known Objects

  • ISO Field Generator Rings (Batman Beyond)
  • Aegis/Aegis Breastplate (Marvel Comics)