The ability to use urban-based magic. Form of Magic. Variation of Environmental Magic and Urban Manipulation. Opposite to Nature Magic and Rural Magic.

Also Called

  • City/Town/Suburb Magic
  • Metropolitan Magic


The user can use magic to cast spells that draw upon the magic of urban areas, (including cities, towns, suburbs, etc.), tapping into their knowledge and power to cast spells, teleport, fire blasts of magic energy, create mystic force shields etc., and/or mystically manipulate their aspects.




Known Users

  • Wizards (Adventure Time); Wizard City
  • Silent School (DC Comics); Atlantis
  • Traci 13 (DC Comics)
  • Ken Ondaate/Map (DC/Vertigo Comics); London
  • Sorceress of Zoom (Fox Comics)
  • Doctor Strange (Marvel Comics); New York's Sanctum Sanctorum
  • Crystal Ponies (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic); Crystal Empire city

Known Places


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