Gracious Greetings to One and All, I am Aurakle (for the purposes of this wiki)

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I have been a member since June of 2017 and an extensive user previously and since, I am a literary composer (I write stuff, ;-) ) and researcher; although beginning as a hobby, it has been a passion for most of my life, I have completed two novels of the fantasy genre and lectured on such topics as the genres of fantasy and science fiction to theology, philosophy and conceptual spirituality. I am a great supporter of community collective cohesion (“if we all work together we can create a greater result”). I have spent decades understanding the sometimes confusing, contradicting, uplifting, educating and entertaining world of fiction:  from comic books to literature; from myth to creative writing; from film and television to folklore.  I am impressed with the work the community has accomplished on this wiki, sometimes outright amazed, and hope to contribute equally in both value and volume.

I am currently immersed in a fictionally-based theological/conceptual project and have been haunting the following pages, including delving into all the links, sub-links, and sub-sub-links etc. If I make any significant changes to them it is because I have spent the time coming to an  understanding of their intent, current definitions, and have reviewed them incessantly and believe my contributions will improve the overall core understanding of the content.

Thank you all for all your hard work, I appreciate your efforts and creativity quite sincerely.

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