I list powers. Not much else to tell, really.

I read the web serial Worm, so if you stumble across it on the powers, chances are I added it.

Other fictions that I may add examples of include the Touhou Project, Mistborn, and others.

I mainly do this because I'm bored. Might as well kill time helping people.

My favorite powers (in no particular order)

I like this one because of a certain character that uses it. Not that great a reason, but hardly an awful one.
The power to be anywhere. There are way to many applications of this for me to list, but the one with the greatest appeal is punching a hated fictional character in the face.
This lets you ignore everything. Well, everything short of Omnipotence, but against Omnipotence you're doomed anyways. All in all, a great power.
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