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Dubito ergo cogito, cogito ergo sum

Scio me nihil scire, praeter mens meum. Ego considerans omne aliud.

Ego discernite facies.

Vos possunt reparari, sed non mutata.

Si mens fit materia, mox ego exsupero illae.

Ego sum aeternus, apud mortem intra omne,  mutantur in perpetuum et in aeternum.

Ego sum medio universum.

Quam minimum credula postero. Carpe diem!



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  1. Higher Consciousness
  2. Language Of The Birds

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  • _______
    • The ability to _______. Sub-power of. Technique of. Variation of.
      • Applications
      • Techniques
      • Variations
      • Known Users
  • Absolute Inducement
  • Archetype:Edgelord
  • Chlorokinetic Limb Generation
    • Waziria (Marvel Comics)
  • Concentration/Focusing
  • Conceptual/Esoteric Color Manipulation
  • Contest/Sport Deity Physiology/Embodiment
    • Tsun (Elder Scrolls)
    • Agon (Greek Mythology)
  • Corrupted Duplication/Replication - The ability to replicate/duplicate beings, objects, places, etc., as corrupted versions.
    • Crow Daedra (Elder Scrolls)
    • Daedric Princes (Elder Scrolls)
  • Demonic Animal Physiology
    • Crow Daedra (Elder Scrolls)
  • Digit Extension
    • Porcupine (Marvel Comics)
  • Divine Physics
  • Divinity/Immortality Sharing - Variation of Power Sharing.
    • Dioscuri (Greek Mythology)
  • Dragon Deity Physiology
    • Akatosh (Elder Scrolls)
  • Ectoplasm
    • Chaotic Creatia (Elder Scrolls)
  • Ectoplasmic Formalization - The ability to create bodies from Ectoplasm, whether astral or corporeal. Sub-power of Ectoplasm Manipulation.
    • Chaotic Creatia (Elder Scrolls); of Daedra.
  • Eldritch Communication
  • Eldritch Object/Weaponry
    • Majik (Marvel Comics); of Soulsword.
  • Eternal Inducement
  • Foolishness Embodiment
    • Ate (Greek Mythology)
    • Koalemos (Greek Mythology)
    • The Fool (Tarot)
  • Formation Power/Empowerment - The ability to gain power from formations, usually in groups.
    • Aurorans (Elder Scrolls)
  • Gnostic Touch - The ability to transfer knowledge to another via. physical contact. Sub-power of Tactile Telepathy. Variation of Knowledge Projection.
    • Wundarr (Marvel Comics)
  • Gravitationally Enhanced Condition
    • Warrior Zero (Marvel Comics)
  • Hallucigenic/Hallucigen/Hallucination Communication
    • Hist (Elder Scrolls)
  • Head Blasts
    • Vision (Marvel Cinematic Universe); via. Mind Stone
    • Vision (Marvel Comics); via. Solar Gem
    • Walking Stiletto (Marvel Comics)
  • Hybridizing Consumption
    • Xemnu (Marvel Comics)
  • Illusive Eye
    • Jason Stryker (X-Men)
  • Illusive Time
    • Writer (Everglades)(Marvel Comics)
  • Immunizing Touch
    • Xemnu (Marvel Comics)
  • Language Of The Trees
    • Spriggan linguists (Elder Scrolls)
  • Laser Whip Generation - Variation of Laser Weaponry and Whip Generation.
    • Wild Whip (Marvel Comics)
  • Learning
    • Variation users
  • Life-Force Reserve
    • Phoenix Force (Marvel Comics)
  • Life-Force Wave Emission - Variation of Wave Emission. Opposite of Death-Force Wave Emission.
    • Wasabi-No Ginger (Marvel Comics)
  • Long Neck
    • William Hanover/Longneck (Marvel Comics)
  • Long Sleeping
    • Rip Van Winkle
  • Low Health Activation - The ability to automatically activate powers, when at low health.
  • Mensiokinetic Shapeshifting
    • Wendell Vaughn/Quasar (Marvel Comics)
  • Multi-Layered Telepathy
    • Agatha Harkness (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • Opportunity Embodiment
    • Kairos (Greek Mythology)
  • Organic Flight
  • Pareidolia Physiology
  • Possessive Telepathy
    • Karma (Marvel Comics)
  • Power Compensation
  • Reversal
  • Rotting Vision
    • Watchers (Elder Scrolls)
  • Selective Deity/Selective Embodiment
  • Species Creation(Mutative Species Creation)
    • Azurah (Elder Scrolls); of Khajiit.
    • Hist (Elder Scrolls); of Argonians via Hist Sap
  • Stilting Combat - The ability to combine stilting with combat. Technique of Stilt Walking. Variation of Combat Merging.
    • Wilbur Day/Stilt-Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Subconscious Power Use

Possible Known Users/Objects/Places/etc.

  • Chaotic Creatia (Elder Scrolls) - Chaos Matter/Ectoplasm
  • Dragons (Elder Scrolls) - Demigod Physiology
  • Ehlnofey (Elder Scrolls) - Sacrificial Creation (non-life)
  • Hist Sap (Elder Scrolls) - Spiritual Sap
  • Lorkhan (Elder Scrolls) - Sacrificial Creation (non-life)
  • Magna-Ge (Elder Scrolls)
  • Xivilai twins (Elder Scrolls)
  • Inyx (Greek Mythology)
  • Phoenix Force (Marvel Comics)
  • Wilhelm van Vile/Painter (Marvel Comics)
  • Wolfgang von Strucker (Marvel Comics)

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