hey people names joe

About Me

Im just your typical nerd/geek/boff whatever you call it, just here to provide my ecspertise on the powers and learn more about them.

Favorite Powers and why

Monster Mimicry - its Cool, someone anoys ya you just change into vampire or a werewolf and be like 'Excuse me'
Video Game Mimicry - its Pretty much Omnipotentance and pluse what guy dosent want to do half the 555 game chars do
Animal Mimicry - this is like 'I am Now Kings of the Animals Baby'
Demon Mimicry - Dude just 'Excuse me' to most people
Angel Mimicry - Same as above
Deity Mimicry - its Pretty much Omnipotentance and pluse you may get wepons too
Power Mimicry - its lols
Technopathy - its 'right i am now going to hack your com and you cant stop me'
Telepathy - reading minds
Telekinesis - 'ima move ur ass'
Teleportation - youd never be late to anything
EcoKinesis - all of the Elements are mine to comand
DynamoKinesis - summon a massive ball of energy and be like 'now what did you say?'
Flight - its flight who dont wannit
Super Strengh - just be like 'bitch please'
Super Speed - just be preety cool
Superhuman Durability - lets face it you slap anyone if you had this
Endless Stamina - your girl/boyfriend never leave ya
Hieghtend Senses - just for the 'i know what you did last night' factor
Machine Manifestation - you summon a big ass sword or gun people tend to think twice bout strating
Unstoppble Movement - just for the 'dont you know who I am, Im THE JUGGERNUAGT

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