Super Saiyan Rose
Black Rose
Rose Black Kamehameha

Yo, I'm CSH!!!

Powers I would like to have in real life

  • Flight So I could go to all the places I want to visit and have never gone before, as well as being able to travel huge distances and not have to pay for gas on the way cos that's always a bonus. I would also most likely travel to space and check out some of the different solar systems, and truly explore the cosmos.
  • Atmospheric Adaption solely so that I wont die from flight when reaching a destination with a different atmosphere.
  • Weather Manipulation Say Hello to a permanent Winter where there shall never be summer and will most likely always be raining, Don't get me wrong I do like summer but I just love sitting inside with a hot coffee a book and just plain relaxing because it's to cold to do anything else. The only problem I may have with this power everyone would probably die because there is no sunlight so food can't grow and we all die, but the biggest problem is it may interfere with the internet and electricity which is significantly worse than everyone dying.
  • Persuasion I could be the ultimate puppet master bending everyone to my will, If i ask you to do something you absolutely hate you'll still do it. One of the reasons I like this power so much is because of Lucifer and how he is able to just manipulate the hell out of everyone.
  • Parkour I mean who doesn't love building hopping, free running and overall Badassnes (Yes I made that word up).
  • Disease Inducement Because some idiots need to suffer (not literal idiots but killers, murderers, serial killers etc). There is a huge arsenal of diseases making it a very versatile and flexible power, plus if you can control the effects of the power makes it even more powerful. As well as if you are able to control the impact of the damage as they say before you can cure you need to learn how it works, basically nullify the actual affects of say cancer giving them time to study it and understand how it works considering the Government hasn't already started to experiment and lock me up yet.
  • Size Manipulation - Just a cool power, really handy in certain situations like when you forget your keys so you can just climb through the keyhole and to open the door from the inside. Also a good way to stay stealthy and unnoticed.
  • Don't do drugs kids- Could be handy and a very healthy power.
  • XXX
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