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  • I live in GP... kiddin in DR
  • I was born on May 30
  • My occupation is idk
  • I am looking...

Yo, what up how you doin

I'm just a dude who likes things, so much that I like to read about more than watch it. Not the guy to get into squabbles, or anything of the sort; unless there's something salvageable or worth arguing about. Nowadays, it's a mix of helpfulness based in altruism and indifference, and being so done with pointless squabbles that there's no point of putting your two cents.

I am more of a guy who can be pictured having Caramelldansen pumping full sound, while completely on my back in a stupor.

Yeah, I'm that kind of guy. Good times.

I like movies, series, webseries, comics, animations, privy on software development, anything related even loosely interests me. Not much to count on top of my head...Eh.

I am a application nut, also.

More often than not, I can be involved when push comes to shove or catches my eye. Creative or larger than life powers are my favorites of the bunch, I dislike unnecessary stubborness, the cursed numbers are always 177013, and like you to have good day.

Pages I've Created

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Planned Pages

  • Blood Field Projection
  • Cosmic Wish
  • Mokele-Mbembe Physiology
  • Monster Lord Physiology

People I respect and/or consider friends in here

  • @Mjt017
  • @Loxlie 35
  • @Dragon-Fox 7
  • @ThePirateKing777
  • @Echomaster123
  • @Quisqueyano
  • @Divinemutantpower1384

My Favorite Powers (Under personalized framework)

...and so on. :)

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