Cidric The Immaculate

aka The Pan-Dimensional

  • I live in Between the Mire of Possibilities
  • My occupation is Observation
  • I am A Hive-Mind

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My favorite powers

  • Omnipotence Come Beginnings or Endings, both require Ultimate Power Unrivaled to Bring them about.
  • Time Manipulation Mortal Appetition, Material Needs, All are mundane things that can be both spend and regained, but Time, once spend, won't ever return, use it wisely.
  • Space-Time Manipulation What is Time with nowhere to be & What is Space with nothing to set it in motion?

The 2 Sides that Form the Coin of Wisdom are: Knowledge & Experience. No matter how much you study, it will never suffice once you face the real challenge. No matter how much you've experienced, it won't matter if you neglect to meditate on them to learn from them, mistakes and success alike. "Question all answers" - Cidric Alderlaine

Those who dare claim Sovereignity & Supremacy over others have deigned themselves to Tyranny. If the People is created in the image of their Gods, then their Gods are no less flawed than the People. Only in Absolute Freedom do we finally start to Live.

Life carries the name of "Life" but is infact Death. Immortality is fear of Life. And with Immortality fades all Mortal Appetition, Inviting Ultimate Depravity and thus anulls whatever's left.

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