Brahma god of creation by molee
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My favorite powers

Pages to be made (Do not copy these ideas)

  • Pisaca Physiology
  • Prayer Tracking
  • Energy Transmogrification- the ability to turn others into pure energy (Cosmic Messiah)
  • Cosmic Projection- the ability to project a transmitting image of oneself across space and time (Shalla Bal)
  • Time-Space Absorption- Ultimecia uses her ability to compress time to try and become omnipotent through the absorption of all time, space, and existence
  • Omniversal Entity Physiology
  • Hive-Mind creation
  • Primordial Demon/Evil Physiology
  • Mental Plane Manifestation - Create a world based on your psyche or the psyche of others
  • Explosive Fire Manipulation - Create fire that explodes or turns anything that the fire burns into a ticking time bomb. Match Marvel
  • Belief Dependent Physiology- The ability to exist but only if the user believes they exist.
  • Petrifying Kiss-Lorelei
  • Healing Aura
  • Psionic Signal Placement-Tag marvel
  • Property Conglomeration- Mogura Kugurugi she is able to take the properties of everything in the area (such as peoples' physical strength) and combine them all into one attack
  • Hekatoncheires Physiology- Cottus (Marvel)
  • Telepathic Language Instruction-the ability to psychically relay the basics of and the speaking skills of a language to another entity. (H'el was able to teach Kara Zor-El how to speak English in a matter of seconds.
  • Mecha Creation- the ability to instinctively create a Mecha around the user's body for a variety of purposes. Lordgenome was able to personally recreate the Lazengann through sheer force of will in his fight against the Anti-Spiral.

Pages I created

  1. Absolute Speed
  2. Absolute Strength
  3. Age Empowerment
  4. Alternate Matter Materialization
  5. Alternate-Self Absorption
  6. Apsara Physiology
  7. Aspect Expulsion
  8. Asura Physiology
  9. Atomic Dissociation
  10. Behemoth Physiology
  11. Celtic Deity Physiology
  12. Chaos Magic
  13. Collective Entity Physiology
  14. Composite Deity Physiology
  15. Cthulhu Mythos Deity Physiology
  16. Curse Empowerment
  17. Darkness Aura
  18. Deity Soul
  19. Demiurge Physiology
  20. Demon Soul
  21. Divine Conduit
  22. Divine Protection
  23. Divine Resurrection
  24. Divine Siphoning
  25. Divine Territory
  26. Enslavement Kiss
  27. Essence Reading
  28. Event Manipulation
  29. Fatal Countenance
  30. Hindu Deity Physiology
  31. Hatred Embodiment
  32. Identity Dominance
  33. Imbued Godhood
  34. Immortal Link
  35. Killing Intuition
  36. Light Empowerment
  37. Mystic Derivation
  38. Magitek Physiology
  39. Malignance Nullification
  40. Marid Physiology
  41. Mesmirizing Presence
  42. Oceanic Deity Physiology
  43. Omnislayer
  44. Order Embodiment
  45. Panempathy
  46. Planetary Parasitism
  47. Priestly Skills/Training
  48. Psionic Explosion
  49. Ritual Empowerment
  50. Sapient Race Creation
  51. Sickness Aura
  52. Soul Creation
  53. Soul Mutilation
  54. Soul Sight
  55. Suffering Empowerment
  56. Unholy Territory
  57. Voodoo Doll Creation
  58. World Merging
  59. World Splitting
  60. Worship Inducement
  61. Wrath Embodiment
  62. Ziz Physiology
  63. Zoroastrian Deity Physiology
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