A cosmically vast plane of existence filled with infinite possibilities and changes.

My name is Consus, the Erudite God, named after my favorite character from the Assassin's Creed Video Game Franchise. I am a pretty strict overseer here, but only because I care, so don't take it too personally. I am a man of facts, sources, quotes, and proof. I try to turn this wiki into an Encyclopedia of Powers and an archive for people to observe so they can make their own stories on superabilities. You are welcome to join me if you wish.

Here is a little animated musical video from the Animaniacs to show you how small and you are compared to everything else in the universe: Here you go

Favorite Characters-The Examples of Human Strength

  • Batman (DC Comics)
  • Mifune (Soul Eater)
  • Guts (Berserk)
  • Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)
  • Monkey D. Garp (One Piece)
  • Claire Stanfield (Baccano!!)
  • Diomedes (Greek Mythology)
  • Agent Six (Generator Rex)
  • Ozymandias (Watchmen)
  • Solomon (Symbionic Titan)
  • Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack)
  • Red X (Teen Titans)
  • Tarzan (Disney)
  • Agent Howards (Hellboy/B.P.R.D)
  • Constantine Drakon (DC Comics)
  • Mr. Chang (Black Lagoon)
  • Shizuo Heiwajimwa (Durarara!!)

Favorite Characters-Super Humans

  • Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)
  • Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
  • Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Agent Bishop (TMNT)
  • Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)
  • Zack Fair (Final Fantasy)
  • Tombstone (Spectacular Spider-Man)
  • Khan (Star Trek)-Favorite Interpretation was in the film: "Star Trek Into Darkness"
  • Rob Lucci (One Piece)
  • Gray Fox (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Sir George (Ben 10)
  • Arkham (Devil May Cry 3)
  • Onomatopoeia (DC Comics)
  • Chaplain Action (Wildstorm)
  • Midnighter (Wildstorm)
  • T.A.O. (Wildstorm)
  • Fuhrer King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Favorite Characters-The Tricksters

  • Cheshire Cat (Alice and Wonderland/American McGee's Alice)
  • Hades (Disney's Hercules)
  • Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)-Only reason I even took a look at the series
  • Q (Star Trek)
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk (DC Comics)
  • Braig/Xigbar (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Gabriel (Supernatural)
  • Violator/Clown (Spawn)-Notably from Spawn: The Animated Series
  • Jester (Devil May Cry)
  • Joker (DC Comics)
  • Puck (Gargoyles)
  • Sweets (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer)
  • The Monkey King (Jackie Chan Adventures)

Favorite Strategists

  • Sun Tzu (Ancient China)
  • General Thrawn (Star Wars)
  • Henry Bendix (Wildstorm)
  • Lex Luthor (DC Comics)
  • Darius Dax (Image Comics)
  • Robot (Image Comics)
  • Master Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts)

Favorite Madmen

  • The Joker (DC Comics)
  • The Creeper (DC Comics)
  • The Master (Doctor Who)
  • Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece)
  • Solf J. Kimblee (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • The Major (Hellsing)
  • Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy)
  • Johan Liebert (Monster)
  • Richard Hawk (Metal Wolf Chaos)
  • Asura (Soul Eater)
  • Frank Fontaine (Bioshock)
  • Segai Waltz Makoto (Guilty Crown)
  • Chief Judge Cal (Judge Dredd)

Favorite Fighting Styles

  • Iaiken-Used by Takamichi T. Takahata (Negima!!)
  • Moo Gi Gong-Used by Roy Harper (DC Comics)

Favorite Classical Music Pieces and Themes

New Character for Image Comics

Character 1

  • Character Name: Atticus Alexander Law
  • Superhero Name: The Judge
  • Battle Cry: Judgment is at Hand!
  • Alignment: Heroic Neutral
  • Abilities: Atticus Law is the chosen avatar of a spiritual force of justice know as the "Judge" that is reborn every thousand years. At random, an individual is chosen to be the chosen vessel of the spirit and hold the essence of all previously chosen "Judges". The role of the Judge is to deliver commensurate punishment onto those who have cause pain and suffering to others and protect the innocent from harm
    • Reality Warping-allows him to manipulate the laws of physics and enhance his physical attributes
    • Reality Perception
    • Mental Manipulation
    • Flawless Restoration
    • Flight-Self-Propelled Flight
    • Judgment/Sin Sense-the ability to know and observe any wrongdoing or sin an individual has committed after meeting them
    • Evil Sense
    • Good Sense
    • History Reading
  • Background: In the year of 1975, Atticus Alexander Law was abandoned as an infant and raised in an orphanage in New York City after his parents decided to leave him due to their lack of proper resources needed for raising a child. Atticus grew up under the supervision of highly abusive caretakers who emotionally, physically, and sexually abused Atticus and the other children who were in the orphanage. During that time, Atticus became friends with the fellow children whom he considered his family and befriended a nun in the orphanage who taught him forms of morality and the ways of the world. The caretakers eventually plotted to blow up the orphanage by make it look like a gas fire accident to collect insurance money invested into the orphanage, but were found out by Atticus while placing explosives in the basement of the orphanage. In a scuffle with Atticus, the explosives prematurely detonated and killed everyone in the orphanage except for Atticus who was protected by the activation of his powers. In a moment of absolute despair and pain at the loss of the fellow children he cared for in the orphanage, Atticus was contacted by the spirits of the previous Judges within his soul who explained his survival and role as a Judge. Furious at his loss and burning with hatred of the caretakers who destroyed what little he cherished, he took up the secret role of the Judge and swore to move up in society to enact vengeance on the guilty regardless of whether they were seen as heroes or villains.
  • Weakness:
    • The Judge is vulnerable to high-level magic
    • The Judge's powers cannot be used to harm those that have been deemed innocent
    • The Judge cannot fully break the laws of physics

Character 2

  • Character Name: Akuna Wandjira
  • Supervillain Name: Altjira 
  • Battle Cry: Time to rest
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Abilities: Years of intense mediation and study have given near-divine spiritual power and have allowed him to use forms of magic that are of the highest echelon ever achieved by man. His connection to the Dreaming/Dreamtime and training has given him a number of powers:
    • Immortality-allowing agelessness and immunity to disease and other ailments
    • Enlightenment-granting him the Mind's Eye and State of Mind along a great degree of instinctive awareness of his surroundings and people
    • Indomitable Will
    • Astral Projection
    • Chaos Magic
    • Communing
    • Dream Manipulation
    • Death Inducement
    • Death Sense
    • Sleep Inducement
  • Background: Akuna was originally formed as a spirit-child within the Dreaming or the Dreamtime with an anomalous quality of having a potent degree of malignant spiritual energy resting within him. He was born in the year 400 B.C. as part of the Murrinh-Patha tribe in the Northern territories of Australia. During his childhood, he was shunned for the radiance of malice he gave off that made others feel uneasy around him. As a spiritualist, his mother taught him stories of the Dreaming and techniques of meditation to control his malevolent force throughout his childhood. Upon reaching young adulthood, his mother died of an unknown disease (implied to be tuberculosis). Shocked by her death, he attempted to physically reach the Dreaming through mental discipline and meditation and obtain immortality to not share her fate. After some time of intensive meditation, he succeeded and gained access to the knowledge of the Dreaming and tapped into its spiritual energy to become immortal and gain supernatural power. After the completion of his meditation, Akuna took on the name Altjira, the Creator God of the Dreaming, to affirm his mastery of the power of Dreaming. Outliving most of his tribe, Akuna decided to travel the world and witnessed many horrifying acts committed by human civilizations of different nations across history until the present day. Filled with confusion over human nature, Akuna consumed himself in the malignant energy he was born with to understand the dark aspects of humanity and retreated his mind into the darkest and most chaotic corners of the Dreaming. He planned to reach a form of enlightenment that only can be reach by understanding and accepting the darkest facets of human existence. After reaching this form of "dark" enlightenment, Akuna became determined to give human beings eternal rest from suffering. He swore to find a way to eradicate mankind and send them to the Dreaming to give them the only peace his pain-stricken mind could allow: Death.
  • Weaknesses:
    • He is vulnerable to powerful magical spells
    • His form of "dark" enlightenment and essence makes him vulnerable to light-based and forces of pure order

Favorite Quotes


  • "Love and Hate may began at different places, but they both reach the same destination. They lead to attachment and foolishness"--Baba (Priest)
  • "Love is suspicious, love is needy, love is fearful, love is greedy, there is no great love without great jealousy."-- Bender Rodriguez (Futurama)
  • "By its very nature, conflict is always a sorrowful thing. And that's because it has 'love' at its heart! Conflict is what occurs when what two men hold different beliefs about what is right, right? Wrong. Conflict is brought about by love, and love alone! Love for one's wife. Love for one's child. Love for one's parents. Love for one's friend. Love for one's master. Love for one's god. Faith is love. Conviction is love. Even attachment to physical things is love! Without love, there can be no conflict! That is why conflict is so sad, and that is why conflict is so beautiful!"--PePe Waccabrada (Bleach)
  • "Love implies anger. The man who is angered by nothing cares about nothing"-Edward Abbey
  • "It's our oldest, deadliest impulse, the need to protect our own at the expense of any other living thing. And we give that impulse such a nice name, don't we? Hyde... is Love - and Love is a psychopath."-- Jekyll (Jekyll)
  • "Your infatuation is based on a physical attraction. Talk to the woman and you'll realize you have nothing in common."--Barney (The Simpsons)
  • "Love is like plumbing, okay? Very complex, usually messy and best left to professionals."--Aphrodite (Disney's Hercules: The Animated Series)
  • "Love is just a chemical. We give it meaning by choice."-- Eleanor Lamb (Bioshock)
  • "The reason that people fall in love is different for each person. If you took a hundred people, then you'd have yourself a hundred different definitions of love. You'll learn someday that you just cannot explain love rationally".--Kashiwazaki Nenji (Rurouni Kenshin)

Power and Will

  • "The measure of a man is what he does with power"--Plato
  • "Power must always be tethered to righteousness. So that what is good can be powerful and what is powerful can be just"--unknown
  • "Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts...perhaps the fear of a loss of a power."--John Steinback
  • "Everybody thinks their ideas are right. That's why the people you call terrorists, call themselves freedom fighters. The fundamentalists think they're right,the capitalists think they're right, the communists think they're right, and no one will ever convince anyone of anything. And all these honorable men, lecturing the world from the floors of congresses and parliaments whose time has long since passed refuse to admit, publicly at least, ideas don't determine who's right.Power determines who's right and I have the power. So I'm right."-- Jonathan Irons (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)
  • "Violence is but a tool. Know when to use it and never, never use more than you need."--Tyr (Too Human)
  • "Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best"--Edward Abbey
  • "The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse"--Edmund Burke
  • "One should always fear what one does not control"--Loki (Too Human)
  • "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power"--Abraham Lincoln
  • "We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us"--Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)
  • "Violence, even well intentioned, always rebounds upon oneself"--Lao Tzu
  • "The Human Equation: Power plus Emotion equals Weapon"--Moss (Source)
  • "Do or Do not. There is no try."-Master Yoda (Star Wars)
  • "Courage is knowing what not to fear"-Plato
  • "I may have the instincts to act aggressively, but it's my own choices to follow them through that define who I am. Without my conscious decision my body has only impulses that will quickly fade away."-- Toguro (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf"-George Orwell
  • "In your desire to change the world, do not let the world change you in turn"--Unknown
  • ''Be the change that you wish to see in the world.''--Mahatma Gandhi
  • "Smart is making the right decision at the right time.What's it gonna to be, Matty? You going to spend your life crying and rocking yourself to sleep at night? Or are you gonna dig deep and find out what it takes to re-shuffle those cards life dealt you. Your call."--Stick (Daredevil)
  • "Not what we experience, but how we perceive what we experience, determines our fate."--Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Wisdom and Morality

  • "To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future." --Plutarch.
  • "Strength wanes. Beauty fades. Only Wit grows day by day."--Hermes (Rise of the Argonauts)
  • "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit"--E.L. James
  • "General ideas are no proof of the strength, but rather the insufficiency of the human intellect"- Alexis De Tocqueville
  • "Sometimes expediency outweighs originality."- Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four: The Animated Series)
  • "Do not mistake bloodlust for righteous fury. That way lies damnation."-- Tarkus (Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II)
  • "Difference denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means not the same."-Cheshire Cat (Alice: Madness Returns)
  • "It's more important to master the cards you're holding than to complain about the cards your opponents were dealt"-Grimsley (Pokemon: Black and White)
  • "Those who have knowledge, don't predict. Those who predict, don't have knowledge."--Lao Tzu
  • "Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance"--George Bernard Shaw
  • "Only the foolish believe suffering is just wages for being different. Only the savage regard the endurance of pain as the measure of worth. Only the insane equate pain with success."-Cheshire Cat (Alice: Madness Returns)
  • "Life is but a series of difficult problems! Whoever finds the greatest number of correct answers earns the right to live on!"-- Findorr Carius (Bleach)
  • "The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouths of fools feed on folly."-Proverbs 15:14 (Bible)
  • When you take revenge on somebody, you are actually paying them the highest compliment possible. It's like saying, You affected my life to such an extent that I must reciprocate. I must affect your life as deeply as you have mine. Revenge may be the ultimate Hallmark card. Yeah. When you think of it like that, the cliche is true: Revenge is sweet.-- Augustus Hill (Oz)
  • “Age looks with anger on the temerity of youth, and youth with contempt on the scrupulosity of age.”-Princess Nekayah (The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia)
  • "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"--George Santayana
  • "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success"--Elliot Carver (Tomorrow Never Dies)
  • "There has to be evil so that good can prove it's purity above it"--Unknown (misattributed to Buddha)
  • "Selfishness is the father of all evil"--Buddha
  • "When you base your expectations on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality"--Zaheer (Legend of Korra)
  • "Only a mind free of impediments is capable of grasping the chaotic beauty of the world."--Altair Ibn-La'Ahad (Assassin's Creed)
  • "A true warrior strives to correct his flaws, not commend them as virtues."-- Zealot (WildCats)
  • "This event is but a stone in your path. You can stumble over it or use it to build a new road"-- Providence (WildCats)
  • "Never let your guard down. Though what does it matter if we do? Constant vigilance does not mean safety. Killing the possibility of danger does not mean that the danger is gone. There are no guarantees. Except for one. We will always be surprised at what can hurt us. And, equally what will save us"-Warbird (Marvel Comics)
  • "So do you finally comprehend pain now? Unless you come to know the exact same pain, you can't truly comprehend someone else. And even if you comprehend them, you still may not truly understand them."-Pain (Naruto Shippuden)
  • "Remember when your High School History teacher said "The course of human events changes because of the deeds of great men"?. Well the bitch was lying. Fuck Caesar, fuck Lincoln, fuck Mahatma Gandhi. The world keeps turning because of me and you: the anonymous."--Augustus Hill (OZ)
  • "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."--Friedrich Nietzsche
  • "Meaningless! Meaningless! says the Teacher. Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless. What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun? Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever. The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises. The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course. All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again. All things are wearisome, more than one can say. The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, “Look! This is something new”? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time. No one remembers the former generations, and even those yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow them."--Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 (Bible)
  • "There is no inherent right or wrong in this world. Those labels are just artificial constructs. Right and wrong are held by positions of authority. That's the way it has always been. So how could anyone know this truth you speak of? Don't you see the reality is that truth long ago became nothing more the a shadow of itself; It is a mere echo of the past now....The world is one, big gray moral area. It just makes you feel safer that it can be categorized into good and bad. That's not how it actually works."--Franken Stein (Soul Eater)
  • "I was convinced I was on this righteous path. Now I realize that there is no righteous path. It's just people trying to do their best in a world where it's far too easy to do your worst."--Castiel (Supernatural)
  • "For in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow."--Ecclesiastes 1:18 (Bible)
  • "In this world, wherever there is light there are always shadows. As long as there is a concept of victors, the vanquished will also exist. The selfish desire for peace gives rise to war. And hatred is born in order to protect love. These are all nexuses, casual relationships that cannot be separated. Normally that is."--Madara Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden)
  • "Do you understand pain a little now? If you don't share someone's pain, you can never understand them. But just because you can understand them doesn't mean you can come to an agreement. That's the truth."-- Nagato/Pain (Naruto Shippuden)
  • "The evil of one man does not excuse the evils of another. Another man's evil does not make yours good."--Father Lantom (Daredevil)
  • "Don't judge a brain by its cover."-- The Dean (China, IL)
  • "Don't estimate all humanity by the limits of your own capability."-- Steve Smith (China, IL)
  • "Little evil would be done in the world if evil never could be done in the name of good."-- Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
  • "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains no matter how improbable must be the truth."-Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)
  • "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."--Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)
  • "Good guys, bad guys, you always know their next move. Victory goes to the gray men in the middle because you never know how we'll surprise you."-- Francis (Secret Saturdays)
  • "If you shut out those you disagree with or close your eyes and try pretend they aren't there, you'll only end up regretting it. Learn to accept what's happening in front of your nose as fact. That's a little shortcut to adulthood."--Nobuchika Ginoza (Psycho Pass)


  • "For what's peace but a confusion between two wars."--Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed IV)
  • "Throwing away victory for the sake of manners is a rookie mistake. Captains don't have the time to waste on that kind of thing. Don't waste your time trying to play the good guy. No matter what debts you may owe, from the instant you find yourself on the battleground, both sides are evil."--Shunsui Kyōraku (Bleach)
  • "Do not fool yourself in thinking a decrease in temptation ensures an increase of peace. Men will fight. They always do. If not for the fleece, then for power. If not for power, then for land. If not for land, then for gold. It's a flawed world, and we are it's flawed inhabitants."--Jason (Rise of the Argonauts)
  • "The peace that you large nations enjoy only exists because of the sacrifices forced upon smaller nations... In order for some to live peacefully, others must die in war. As long as humanity still exists, then hatred will also exist with it. There cannot be true peace. Not in a world as cursed as this one."-- Nagato (Naruto Shippuden)
  • "Look, everybody always figures the time they live in is the most epic, most important age to end all ages. But tyrants and heroes rise and fall, and historians sort out the pieces. So we do what he have to do, and we try to stop the Sith. But don't start thinking this war-your war-is more important than any other war just because you're in it."-- Jolee Bindo (Star Wars)
  • "The folly of the youthful. The mindset that they are too young to die. Invincible in their youth makes them vulnerable for recruitment into dangerous situations like wars. It is why armies look for young men to recruit in times of duress since most believe themselves too young to die. It was the case with World War I and many others. More meat for the grinder."

Human Nature and Society

  • "The upper crust looks down on the masses. The lower class wants to revolt because they all think they have the solutions, and the middle are too fat and content to do anything at all"-Wick (Clive Barker's New Testament)
  • "We humans can justify anything, can't we? That's where our corruption begins"--Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • "I guess with a little discouragement and a few harsh words you can ruin even the tightest bond."-- Jared (Superjail!)
  • "You don't have to build a city to make people worship you ... just make the chumps believe they're worth a nickel."--Frank Fontaine (Bioshock)
  • ""Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown" - Henry IV, Part II (Shakespeare)
  • "To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering."--Friedrich Nietzsche
  • " 'I am not the same as you.'  All the wars of this world come down to that one thing and they have done so since humans were first born on this rock."--The Major (Hellsing)
  • "Poor 'humans'. Why must we destroy you? I'll tell you why. Order is the tide of creation. But yours is a species that worships... the one over the many. You glorify your intelligence... Because it allows you to believe anything. That you have a destiny. That you have a right. That you have a cause. That you are special. That you are great. But in truth, you are born insane . And such misery... cannot be allowed... to spread!"--Control Bug (Starship Troopers)
  • "You humans all think Greed is evil, but everyone wants something they don't have. Perhaps to save their country. Or perhaps to bring back someone dear to them."--Greed (FMA)
  • "The only reason the human race came to possess the capability of compassion and a sense of morality was because they somehow mistakenly believed themselves to be a superior breed of beast. The moment they taste the fear of knowing there's a superior breed, something seems to take control over them everytime. And for some reason humans act merely by instinct from that point on."--Million Knives (Trigun)
  • "I hold to a simple philosophy: Just assume everyone's a piece of crap and then be pleasantly surprised if you find anyone who ain't."--Luke Cage (Marvel Comics)
  • "Most of what we are is what people expect us to be. If you take them away, nothing means anything."--Nathan Petrelli (Heroes)
  • "Would you hesitate to throw a bundle of logs unto a fire because you pity the tree they came from?...You have to use logic to determine what a human is. Don't let your emotions decide."-Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
  • "To live without feeling or exciting sympathy, to be fortunate without adding to the felicity of others, or afflicted without tasting the balm of pity, is a state more gloomy than solitude; it is not retreat but exclusion from humanity."--Princess Nekayah (The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia)
  • "Fear robs us of reason. Out of fear we commit terrible atrocities and call them acts of self-preservation. Fear gives rise to more fear. A never-ending cycle of hatred."--Shulk and Dunban (Xenoblade Chronicles)
  • "Fear is the glue that holds society together. It's what makes people suppress their worst impulses. Fear is Power."--Scarecrow (Batman: The Animated Series)
  • "The depths of my soul are rooted in dark thoughts, but then we all have darkness and light in us. If we are all light on the outside, there is nothing but darkness underneath. There comes a time when the darkness must come to light."--Sensui Shinobu (Yu Yu Hakusho)
  • "To see different eyes and skin and turn yourself away. Who could possibly believe this other world could have the same depth and spirit as you."-- Exiled Ishvalan (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • "Humans just live short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they're part of something bigger. They want to blame all the world's problems on a single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone's control."-- Pearl (Steven Universe)
  • "Since scientists are people, it is not surprising that comparable pretensions have insinuated themselves into the scientific worldview. Indeed, many of the central debates in the history of science seem to be, in part at least, contests over whether Humans Are Special. Almost always, the going-in assumption is that we are special. After the premise is closely examined, it turns out - in dishearteningly many cases - that we are not."— Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot
  • "The truth of a person behind the icon is rarely the same as the truth of the icon itself. It's not too surprising that a fan can do a better job than the actual user at delivering what the fans expect. They know what they want."-- Shinya Kogami (Psycho Pass)
  • "Society doesn't always do the right thing, which is why we ourselves have to lead virtuous lives..Society isn't some monolithic beast, it's made up of individuals like you. By simply living a virtuous life, you move society towards the path of virtue."-- Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass)
  • "The law doesn't protect people, people protect the law. Humans have always fought against evil and sought out a righteous way of living as a group. Those feelings. The accumulation of society's feelings are the law. They aren't just provisions or arbitrary rules. They're the fragile and irreplaceable ideals that we all carry in the deepest recesses of our hearts. Compared to the power of anger and hatred, they're something that can easily be broken down. People have prayed for a better world since the dawn of time. Hoped for a better future. Sacrificed their own freedoms for its sake. In order for those prayers to hold meaning we have to protect the law. That promise of a better world to the very end. We can't just give up on it because it's flawed."-- Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass)

God and Faith

  • "The word 'Christianity' is already a misunderstanding - in reality there has been only one Christian, and he died on the Cross."--Friedrich Nietzsche
  • "God is nothing more than a construct created by man to inspire fear and promote order. If you wish to me struck down, for all these atrocities, use your own hands to do so, not God's"--Fuhrer King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
  • "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful."--Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Seneca the Younger)
  • "Look around you. Look at all these people. Look at their faces. Do you see how unhappy they are? Do you see how much they're suffering? They're only hope is the resurrected Jesus. I don't care whether you're Jesus or not. the resurrected Jesus will save the world and that's what matters. I created the truth out of what people needed and what they believed. If I have to crucify you to save you the world, then I'll crucify you. And if I have to resurrect you resurrect then I'll do that until you like it or not....You see you don't know how much people need God. You don't know how happy he can make them. He can make them happy to do anything He can make them happy to die, and they'll die all for the sake of Christ. Jesus Christ. Jesus of Nazareth. The Son of God. The Messiah. Not You. Not for your sake. You know I'm glad I met you, cause not I can forget all about you. My Jesus is much more important and much more powerful."--Paul to Jesus (Last Temptation of Christ)
  • "As to the matter of religion, let me place myself in the camp of the agnostic. I pretend to understand the mysteries of the infinite no more than you, Comstock, or anyone else for that matter. For the sake of argument, let's this is all one unhappy accident and we all alone in our toils. Then who would Comstock use to control and shame us with rules that apply only to those without a penny in their pocket? If there were no God, you could rest assured the first deed done by the first rich man would be inventin' him."--Daisy Fitzroy (Bioshock)
  • "You see, faith is a pillar of human nature. The belief that all will end well if we just cling on to it with all our might. And it is what blinds us to what is in front of us all along"--Jeremy Crane (Sleepy Hollow)
  • "In faith there is light enough to see, but darkness enough to blind."--Blackbeard (Pirates of the Carribean)
  • "The myth of a fair universe is the wishful thinking of a people struggling to justify a belief in a God they know isn't real. Life is cruel and we're alone.Who wants chocolate milk?"--Dana Gould
  • "Faith, by its very nature, must transcend logic."--Ghost (The Matrix)
  • "Now you think just 'cause I'm imaginary, I'm less of a man than you? When it comes down to it, we all of us imaginary! At least in the eyes of others. Jinno imagined you were his brother! Okiku imagined you loved her! Swordmaster imagined you were a good man! So let's not start debating about what is and what is not real."--Ninja Ninja (Afro Samurai)
  • There are no prophecies. It's just the nature of living things to want to conform their existence to a forseeable pattern, to attempt to exert control over the chaos that surrounds them. Life, by its very nature, disallows this. Life is an accident, the result of random chance. Therefore its nature can be no different."
  • "I just think it's better to have ideas. I mean you can change an idea, changing a belief is trickier. People die for it. People kill for it."-- Rufus (Dogma)
  • "You reap what you sow. Pharaoh got what he deserved, but what about Abdul the farmer who woke up with frogs on his face, his cattle dead from dead from anthrax, his wife fucked up with lesions, his only child dead, all because of a leader he didn't even get to vote for? What about all the people who reap what they don't sow? Babies born addicted to crack, 4 year old's molested, ethnic cleansing? What about you? Is there law in the universe or something, a law about needless suffering? A law that even God can't break" --Augustus Hill (OZ)


  • "And behold I shall be a blight upon the land, and everything I touch shall wither and die."--Blight (Batman Beyond)
  • "Of course, the tragedy is dying for what you believe in doesn't make it true."-- Jonathan Irons ((Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)
  • "We all face certain death with our own kind of lie"--Captain Flint (Black Sails)
  • ''At least you got your health.' Don't you hate that? You lose your job, you lose your wife, YOU'RE IN PRISON, and some punk ass do-gooder says 'At least you got your health' like that's supposed to make you FEEL better! So what if I'm broke? So what if some dealer wants to cap my ass; at least I ain't got a tumor. I swear, the next person to say ALYGYH to me, I'ma make sure they don't have THEIR health much longer''--Augustus Hill (OZ)
  • "I think death is equally terrible for everyone. Young people, old people, the good, the bad; it's always the same. It's rather fair in its treatment. There's no such thing as a particularly terrible death, that's why it's frightening. Your behavior and age, your personality, your wealth, beauty, your personal beliefs; all the things that add up to make us who we are, they only matter while we're alive. Death makes every last one of them null and void. So any death is terrible"-- Sunako Kirishiki (Shiki)

Books to Buy in the Future

  • Paradiso by Dante Alighieri
  • Nuns of Loudun by Aldous Huxley
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu
  • The Occult: A History by Colin Wilson
  • Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzche
  • The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia by Samuel Johnson

Proof of Religious Consistency and Influence Across Time

  • Topic-Legend of Jesus Christ-sacrificing himself for the "sins" of humanity, being a pure figure of peace and light, and being a bringer of healing and miracles


  • Prometheus of Greek Mythology-stole Fire from the Olympian Gods and gave humanity the gift of the flame and progress. Punished to be chained to a stone and have his liver eaten by an eagle for all eternity-Theme: Eternal Selfless Sacrifice for Humanity
  • Asclepius of Greek Mythology-demigod son of Apollo and later God of Medicine. Described as a bringer of miracles and an expert healer. Said to have been able to bring people back from the dead and was reborn as god by Zeus after he was executed for upsetting a natural balance.-Theme: Healing, demigod heritage, altruistic treatment for humanity, resurrection of men and apotheosis after death
  • Baldr/Balder of Norse Mythology-Norse Innocence, Beauty, Joy, Purity, Rebirth, and peace who was loved by all. Presumably blessed at birth and betrayed by a close peer (Jesus Christ-Judas Iscariot, Baldr/Balder-Loki). A sacrificial lamb.-Theme: Purity and Betrayal

  • Topic-The Legend of the Modern Day Monotheistic God-Authoritarian Figure, Creator of the Cosmos, etc.


Zoroastrianism-Ahura Mazha-a higher divine spirit of the old Iranian religion (predating Islam). Described as wholly wise, benevolent and good, as well as the creator and upholder of Asha ("truth"). Inspired concepts of a all-knowing and loving benevolent God. Ahura Mazda created spirits known as yazatas to aid him, who also merited devotion-inspired modern day stories of Angels.

My Least Favorite Things about The Wiki

  • Sporadic Anons who don't read the articles
  • Trolling Anons-
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  • Those who try to pass off generalized skills as superpowers.
  • People who do not research or back up their thoughts with clearly discussed information factual to a storyline.

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  7. Alternate Future Display
  8. Alternate Matter Materialization
  9. Alternate-Self Absorption
  10. Anger Absorption
  11. Answer Intuition
  12. Apsara Physiology
  13. Ash Teleportation
  14. Aspect Expulsion
  15. Asura Physiology
  16. Atomic Dissociation
  17. Behemoth Physiology
  18. Belief Dependent Capability
  19. Belief Dependent Physiology
  20. Benevolence Release
  21. Blindness Inducement
  22. Blood Clones
  23. Boundless Awakening
  24. Celtic Deity Physiology
  25. Chaos Magic
  26. Characteristic Removal
  27. Chemical Reaction Manipulation
  28. Cold Air Manipulation
  29. Collective Entity Physiology
  30. Communication Shift
  31. Composite Deity Physiology
  32. Consumption Psychometry
  33. Corruption Augmentation
  34. Cosmic Projection
  35. Counter Vibration
  36. Cthulhu Mythos Deity Physiology
  37. Curse Empowerment
  38. Damage Memorization
  39. Darkness Aura
  40. Data Conversion
  41. Death Shadow
  42. Deity Soul
  43. Demiurge Physiology
  44. Demon Soul
  45. Destiny Assignment
  46. Discord Inducement
  47. Disease Acceleration
  48. Discern Motivation
  49. Divine Conduit
  50. Divine Protection
  51. Divine Resurrection
  52. Divine Sense
  53. Divine Siphoning
  54. Divine Territory
  55. Ear Manifestation
  56. Elemental Energy Physiology
  57. Element Drain
  58. Emotion-Connective Immortality
  59. Empathic Voice
  60. Energy Contact
  61. Energy Source Selection
  62. Energy Transmogrification
  63. Enslavement Branding
  64. Enslavement Kiss
  65. Error Reparation
  66. Essence Dispersal
  67. Essence Reading
  68. Event Manipulation
  69. Explosion Sense
  70. Explosive Fire Manipulation
  71. Explosive Identification
  72. Fanon Power Category Page
  73. Fatal Countenance
  74. Fate Immunity
  75. Fear Perception
  76. Feline Manipulation
  77. Glass Transmutation
  78. Goodness Sense
  79. Guilt Empowerment
  80. Guilt Manifestation
  81. Hatred Embodiment
  82. Healing Factor Nullification
  83. Heat Pulse
  84. Hierarchy Control
  85. Hindu Deity Physiology
  86. Hope Perception
  87. Hot Air Generation
  88. Hydrokinetic Flight
  89. Hydromancy
  90. Identity Dominance
  91. Imbued Godhood
  92. Inhibition Release
  93. Insomnia Inducement
  94. Intangibility Cancellation
  95. Intelligence Infinitum
  96. Invulnerability Bestowal
  97. Irreversible Destruction
  98. Karma Manipulation
  99. Killing Intuition
  100. Kinetic Force Redirection
  101. Kiss Projection
  102. Knowledge Absorption
  103. Life Addition
  104. Light Empowerment
  105. Light Warp
  106. Locality Tracking
  107. Logic Mandate
  108. Mathematical Projection
  109. Mystic Derivation
  110. Magitek Physiology
  111. Malignance Nullification
  112. Marid Physiology
  113. Mass Absorption
  114. Mass Manipulation
  115. Mass Transference
  116. Matter State Shift
  117. Mecha Creation
  118. Melodious Memory
  119. Mesmerizing Presence
  120. Metal Detection
  121. Microbial Communication
  122. Molecular Oscillation
  123. Multiple Ears
  124. Multiple Mouths
  125. Murderous Possession
  126. Muting
  127. Numeromancy
  128. Oceanic Deity Physiology
  129. Omnichronal Perception
  130. Omnipresential Attack
  131. Omnislayer
  132. Oneiric Omniscience
  133. Order Embodiment
  134. Origin Creation
  135. Pain Detection
  136. Panempathy
  137. Personal Void
  138. Petrifying Kiss
  139. Phobia Creation
  140. Phone Signal Transmission
  141. Physical Loosening
  142. Planetary Parasitism
  143. Politeness Inducement
  144. Power Absorption Immunity
  145. Power Mimicry Immunity
  146. Prehensile Feet
  147. Primal Imprint
  148. Psionic Explosion
  149. Psionic Image Projection
  150. Psionic Signal Placement
  151. Prayer Tracking
  152. Property Conglomeration
  153. Puppet Transmogrification
  154. Pyromancy
  155. Pyrotic Communication
  156. Reality Clarification
  157. Realm Closure
  158. Relative Appearance Alteration
  159. Relative Strength Perception
  160. Replicative Sculpting
  161. Ritual Empowerment
  162. Sapient Race Creation
  163. Sanctification
  164. Seismic Energy Immunity
  165. Shadow Stealth
  166. Sickness Aura
  167. Sin Eating
  168. Situational Synchronicity
  169. Skin Generation
  170. Sleepless Strength
  171. Somatosensory Imprint
  172. Sonic Psychometry
  173. Sonic Stimulation
  174. Soul Creation
  175. Soul Mutilation
  176. Soul Sight
  177. Sound Immunity
  178. Sound Tracking
  179. Spatial Displacement
  180. Spatial Duplication
  181. Speed Theft
  182. Spinning Inducement
  183. Strength Theft
  184. Suffering Absorption
  185. Suffering Empowerment
  186. Super Fecundity
  187. Supernatural Priest Training
  188. Tattoo Creation
  189. Telepathic Language Instruction
  190. Telepathic Static
  191. Temporal Erasure
  192. Temporal Consciousness Inversion
  193. Temporal Matter Selection
  194. Thundercloud Generation
  195. Time-Space Absorption
  196. Time-Space Synesthesia
  197. Timestream Shift
  198. Tracking Teleportation
  199. True Love Visage
  200. Truth Detection
  201. Umbrakinetic Immunity
  202. Unholy Territory
  203. Universal Recreation
  204. Unnoticability
  205. Vampiric Toxicity
  206. Virus Mimicry
  207. Visual Nullification
  208. Vocal Replication
  209. Voodoo Doll Creation
  210. Water Sense
  211. Will Theft
  212. World Merging
  213. World Splitting
  214. Worship Inducement
  215. Wrath Embodiment
  216. Ziz Physiology
  217. Zoroastrian Deity Physiology
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