Well guys...this is it for me. 

This, for all the pain I have endured trying to be the perfect staff member, and protect this place from the corruption and moral myopia that superpower wikia has now adapted, mostly thanks to the current lot, who shit all over my own and Alissas plans for my return to the Discord that I SET UP,  nobody cares, and as a result, anti-social behaviour runs wild. Now, the innocent wiki editors, I wish you well, I hope you get the very best out of this site, and I hope I left a positive mark on you guys.

Remember to report any and all slanderous or otherwise negative comments about me to the staff, and know it was a pleasure, me being here. I enjoyed moderating the site, as a chat mod, and as an admin. To the people who did like me, im sorry I was overwhelmed by the staff. I just found that not being around is the best key to happiness, so its going to be permanent. I wish you all the best.

Wanna contact me? Im on discord, not the SPW server, that I set up, but as a user, Death Horseman#2036 so all you have to do is add me as a friend, and we can start talking.

To those who think my departure spells victory...it doesnt... I left because I want to be happy. You didnt win me, not one bit, thats why I left. Leaving and being happy is my win.  I win, because im happy, at last, and always will be now.

In any case, have fun guys! I hope you enjoy it here.

Death horseman94 (talk) 23:39, April 25, 2020 (UTC)

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