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  • My occupation is Greatest zanpakutō creator on the Internet
  • I am ʍoๅๅoɥ
  • Bio Always look out for the lil wikis! They're the ones that need the most support!
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Some people just want to watch the world burn... I am one of them ;)

Headache.gif Headache.gif Headache.gif

Well, this place is becoming a lost cause... too many ingrained issues from the awful past admins and their awful decisions... Facepalm.gif
No-one really wants to fix anything... SMH.gif


Fuck it...

Powers I Have A Problem With ANGRY.gif How_Dare_You.gif B%C3%B6ser-Smiley.gif

Demo's Personal Delete List
Pages That Need Deleting
Pages That Need Redirecting
Pages That Need A Bloody Proper Looking Look At
Move The Archetype Pages Off Of The Mainspace (I recommend requesting a new namespace named "Archetype"; see here for more on that)

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